Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the queen of smartband - Review

La Mi Band of Xiaomi it is absolutely the device that has entered the hearts of people, conquering Apple users, thanks to its simplicity, effectiveness and incredible value for money. It is therefore normal that every year, the arrival of the new model, is expected with an understandable enthusiasm and curiosity for news that will bring.

At the same time it becomes increasingly difficult to improve a smartband that has always been able to combine practicality and functionality without distorting its originality. This year the company was easy and it succeeded in full.

The biggest upgrade this year is undoubtedly the display that allows the Mi Band to reach a higher level as functionality by improving an aspect of the previous version that was decidedly insufficient.

Review Xiaomi Mi band 4

Xiaomi Mi band 4 - Specifications

The new display is a color AMOLED larger than 40% (0.95 ″ 120 × 240) and with one brightness (adjustable) almost doubled to reach 400 nit. The new panel, also thanks to the introduction of colored elements, allows a better readability in all conditions and also a better interactivity thanks to the introduction of clickable elements (On-cell capacitive touchscreen).

Review Xiaomi Mi band 4

I band 3 VS Mi Band 4

In the new Mi Band 4 makes its debut Bluetooth standard 5.0 which allows you to limit consumption by also ensuring greater speed in synchronization and update operations. This introduction, together with a battery increased by 135mAh, will compensate for the greater consumption of the large display while maintaining the excellent autonomy of 20 days.

The resistance to diving that now reaches the limit of 5 ATM has also been improved (50 meters) reaching levels much higher than those of the classic amateur use.

For information only, we also report the introduction of a microphone that allows interaction with the Xiaomi voice assistant (XiaoAI) unfortunately not available in Italian. Similarly, the version of the Mi Band 4 NFC will not land in Italy

Technical Data
Weight 22.1g
Water resistance 5 ATM
Type of display AMOLED
Screen size 0.95 "
Resolution 120 x 240 RGB 24bit
Screen brightness Up to 400 nit (maximum brightness), adjustable brightness
Screen protection 2.5D tempered glass with anti-fingerprint coating
Strap 18 mm - Removable in thermoplastic polyurethane
Adjustable strap length 155-216 mm
Sensors 3 accelerometer axes + gyro to 3 axes; PPG heart rate sensor; Capacitive proximity sensor
Wireless connectivity BT5.0 BLE
Battery LiPo, 135mAh

Xiaomi Mi band 4 - Design

The new display, albeit with one processing in 2.5D has a "flat" glass that unlike the rounded one of the Mi Band 3 guarantees a greater visibility under sunlight, less space and therefore also less propensity to accidental impacts.

From the aesthetic point of view we do not find other differences. Xiaomi has indeed decided to keep the same identical strap which will then be compatible with those of the old generation (good Xiaomi). Made of thermoplastic polyurethane, it has a very low friction with leather and down. Along 155-216mm and wide 18mm, it is shaped so as to have a great wearability and a perfect fit with the capsule of the device.

Change instead the charger that is now bigger and completely envelops the capsule. A full charge takes less than 2 hours.

Review Xiaomi Mi band 4

Xiaomi Mi band 4 - New features

Xiaomi's new Mi 4 band inherits everything when good developed in these years:

  • Pedometer
  • Calories calculation and distances
  • Sleep monitor
  • Cardiac monitor
  • Wake
  • timer
  • stopwatch
  • Telephone alerts and notifications
  • Incoming calls
  • Message notifications
  • Calendar notifications
  • App notifications
  • weather
  • Find phone
  • Unlock phone
  • Event notifications
  • Night mode
  • Do not disturb mode

To these functions several new features are added. At 5 already existing sports modes (treadmill, gymnastics, outdoor running, cycling, walking) swimming is also added. It is possible to customize the size of the pool and keep track of progress: time, distance, calories, strokes, SWOLF index, tanks. A real boon for swimming lovers.

They are also coming watchface support. With the new display, bigger and more colorful, the customizations increase exponentially and in the MiFit app we already find many ready to install. Xiaomi has already announced that many other watchfaces are coming.

The possibility of has finally been implemented remotely control the playback of our phone's multimedia files. It is possible to start, pause or change the track being played. It is also possible to control the volume.

The greater interactivity of the new display made it possible to insert more elaborate functions such as the unlock code that intervenes when the Mi Band is not worn, protecting our data from thieves and onlookers. The function can be deactivated.

It is also possible manage silent mode of our phone directly from the Mi band.

The last noteworthy novelty is the possibility of starting Sport sessions directly from the smartband without the Mi Fit app as it was for the previous versions. It is even possible to leave our phone at home, but in that case the GPS data will not be recorded since the Mi Band has none.

Xiaomi Mi band 4 - Conclusions

Never before has the conclusions been so easy. Starting from the premise of the official price (€ 34.99), the Mi Band 4 has practically no rivals and the purchase is also valid for the owners of the previous Mi Band 3 who will find in this model a real BIG UPGRADE.

Although with limitations, the Xiaomi smartband is an everyday companion thanks to the display of notifications and a faithful sports assistant able to collect average accurate data.

We hope to see in Italy as soon as possible also the version with NFC which would add a very useful and requested function as well as that of using the microphone to interact with a voice assistant, obviously Google.

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9 Total score
The queen of SmartBands

A display worthy of the name allowed the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to make the leap in quality. Greater legibility and interaction combined with interesting new features make it the undisputed queen of smartband

Value for money
  • large display
  • Lots of features
  • Great autonomy
  • Excellent comfort
  • NFC absence in the international version
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I band 4 blocked
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What can I do
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I have the same problem too… I'm desperate…

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Question: Do you also see e-mail notifications?

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