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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) review - Best buy candidate ... (waiting for the Global)

I want to be honest with you as I have always been: if I were a novice user with the Xiaomi brand I would not know if to recommend this smartphone, the Redmi Note 5, which at the presentation of the Indian cousin, the Pro model, I had literally bewitched but unfortunately the lack of software support optimized for our country has created a relationship of love and hate between me and the smartphone. Be clear I'm not blowing the device, but the advice is to wait for the international version with software in Italian and Google services fully functional, which the store will shortly insert into its sales list and you can take home at a price using our discount code XMTODAY5 So make yourself comfortable and discover it with us Xiaomi Note 5 Redmire in our full review.

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The package is characterized by an elegant red color in which we find one protective cover in soft and transparent silicone which helps to preserve the design of the smartphone and increase the grip at times slippery. The rest of the content consists of a user manual in Chinese, charging cable and micro USB data transfer, pin for removing the SIM tray and small charger with Chinese connection with 5V / 2A output, but our dear Geekmall you will pay a European outlet adapter.

note 5 notes

With dimensions equal to 158,6 x 75,4 x 8,05 mm and a weight of 181 gramsIn terms of design, we can not say that Xiaomi for its Redmi Note 5 has brought innovation. In fact, the mid range of the company is similar to the recent Redmi 5 Plus with slight improvements. In fact, frontally we could even exchange it for the Redmi 5 Plus saw the adoption of a 5,99 inch display in 18: 9 format, absence of navigation keys Physical Android in the lower part while on the upper one are the proximity and brightness sensors, Monochromatic notification LED, the camera selfie, capsule auricula and a small LED flash.

Do not miss the according to microphone for the reduction of environmental noise and the IR transmitter in the upper profile while the lower one is definitely more crowded as there is the entrance jack from 3,5 mm, main microphone, micro USB input with OTG support and the mono-type system speaker. As usual, the volume on / off button and volume rocker are placed on the right hand side of the device as the left one houses the hybrid type SIM tray, therefore we could insert two SIMs in nano format or a SIM in nano and one format micro SD card to expand the internal memory provided you give up the Dual SIM Dual Standby function.

It is at the rear of the Redmi Note 5 that we find the main news, in fact the plastic bands that hide the antennas have reduced thickness respect other models while on the rest of the body made of metal brushed we find a double photographic module arranged vertically and protruding from the body, vulgarly told at traffic lights, compared on an aesthetic level to that seen on the top of Apple's range. Present also the fingerprint sensor which confirms the excellent quality of Xiaomi smartphones: lightning sensor and 10 fingerprint recognition times on 10, through which we could go to preserve the privacy of access to certain applications.

Another novelty we find under the body of the Redmi Note 5 that adopts a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 to 14nm 1,8 GHz clock and architecture Kryo 260 the same used in the 800 series as the SD835 or SD820. This is joined by the Adreno GPU 509 a RAM from 4GB of type LPDDR4X 1333 MHz Dual Channel, but you can also find the model with 6 GB of RAM, e 64 GB of internal storage eMMC 5.1 expandable up to 128 GB via micro SD. The new processor and the renewed RAM they think they have a top of the range in their hands, because in every situation I have benefited from the fluidity and stability of the system, but above all I have never seen any overheating even after considerable stress caused by games that require huge effort on the part of the CPU and GPU.

Furthermore, the 18 format: 9 of the display by 5,99 inch IPS type with Full HD resolution + 2160 1080 pixels x 403 PPI, 1000 contrast: 1, gives strong emotions not only in shooter-like games but also with the classic use of multimedia content. Definitely good brightness (450 nits) and amplitude, which makes the screen clearly visible even in direct sunlight, although the brightness sensor at times turns out to be a bit lazy, but nothing that cannot be solved with a software update . Curved corners, contained frames and colors with good yield even at extreme angles (84% NTSC color range), fast to the touch, good resolution: perhaps not the best panel in circulation which sometimes suffers with images whose dominant is red, but in short for a medium range it is perhaps the best solution that can be found. Moreover the size of the 5,99 inches also allows to exploit in an excellent way the split screen function but be careful only if you use polarized glasses because the screen is not visible in vertical / horizontal depending on the glasses. Finally it is possible awaken the display with the double tap, change the color temperature and calibration parameters but also activate the reading mode useful at night.

Unfortunately, as anticipated at the beginning the Redmi Note 5 at present while offering the Oreo 8.1.0 Android system with Project Treble support and with security patches updated in March 2018 covered byMIUI 9.5 interface, fails to impress because of the fact that the device mounts the ROM of China Stable type. It would not be a big problem since on the official forum is presented the Global Stable version and the web offers a solution like Unfortunately, the ROM on the forum is incorrect because it refers to the Indian cousin Redmi Note 5 Pro and therefore not working on our model due to slightly different hardware while the seems to be unstable causing serious slowdowns.

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I managed to install the Play Store and related applications like GMail or YouTube as well as Google Play Services but I'm not able to synchronize contacts and calendar in any way. This is a real shame because in view of the future globalization of Xiaomi and almost one month after the presentation it is almost unacceptable to not be able to exploit important services like those offered by Google in our terminal.  We partly solve by synchronizing the Xiaomi account. However the ROM offers many features like the Dual Apps, Second Space, Screen Recorder, graphic customization through themes, but also allows delete the keys on the screen and take advantage of the gesture in style iPhone X, although I prefer the classic use with the keys because the gesture is in my opinion incomplete. (missing for example the possibility of switching from one application to another etc ..).


At any rate no problem in everyday life linked to the reception of notifications, or the classic use related to social media, web browsing, listening to music, games, benchmarks etc .. no lag, uncertainty or suffering. MIUI 9.5 proves to be up to the name Xiaomi, and all this bodes well for the arrival of the ROM Global Stable. On balance, the hardware and software on this Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 uncomfortable some top of the range so it becomes difficult to justify their spending. Among other things, the system offers the possibility of Face Unlock, from the double soul, that is perfect in conditions of good lighting while at the first decline of the same you will find yourself preferring the release through the fingerprint reader.

note 5 notes

If then we add the rear and front photographic department then I advise you to start booking the Global version that will come. Main optic with sensor 12 megapixel Samsung S5K5E8 aperture f / 1.9 with 1.4nm pixel surface assisted by the secondary module with sensor from 5 megapixel Samsung S5K2L7 which comes into play only in Portrait mode providing the depth effect typical of these photos. The selfie camera instead consists of a 13 megapixel sensor with pixel surface 1.4nm OmniVision OV13855_sunny aperture f / 2.0 that really does its job well and that benefits from the opportunity to give shots with bokeh effect and video recording to 1080p to 30fps. The photos are captured from the front room are of appreciable quality but sometimes the automatic exposure tends to burn the secondary scenarios to the subject framed. I have not found particular benefits from AI technology, which seems more concentrated in the insertion of beauty filters such as those related to the removal of acne etcc .. both on the front and back.

For the back room, the photos and videos also compared with top of the range do not dislike at all. Above all videos, recordable with maximum resolution to 1080p 30 fps, are those that benefit most from the improvements made by the company. In fact, we find stabilization but also a good image processing algorithm which makes the colors really natural. Focusing Dual PDAF quick and precise, in short, the best view on a Xiaomi terminal, effective in both photos and video. Among the functions we find the time lapse, slow motion (120fps 720p), the automatic HDR but also notable filters applicable to photos in real time.

Photos that are vivid and detailed especially in broad daylight but unfortunately in low light conditions we are not there yet, it is not enough the integration of artificial intelligence and new algorithms to improve the yield. In general, the photo department of Redmi Note 5 amazes, at times you will be amazed, making you think that photos and videos come from much more expensive models while in your hands you have a smartphone that humbly fits in the mid-market and that is intended only to improve with the development of Global ROM or with the installation of one Google Camera by enabling Camera2API. However, some already exist mod that allow to bypass the video recording limit, bringing the same to the 4K.

Connectivity is entrusted to a good one Double-band WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0 e GPS from the quick fix and signal coverage always present, as is the presence of the FM radio. Only the NFC sensor is missing, but then those who believe it is really important. Although it is absent the 20 band (present instead in the international version) also reception proved to be really good both in keeping the signal in difficult areas and in hanging up the signal. Audio in clean capsule and also our interlocutor feels in a crystalline way. The speaker, which also acts as a speakerphone, even if it is mono, offers a decidedly high level of listening volume that perhaps suffers only in the low frequencies. In short, certainly we could not do the tamarri listening to the music unz-unz around the street but with the help of earphones this aspect is definitely improved. It should also be noted that the Redmi Note 5 enjoys the function Dual 4G, ie it is possible to have the 4G signal on both SIM slots at the same time.

In terms of autonomy, Xiaomi for its Redmi Note 5 brings all the experience gained with the devices mounting the Snapdragon 625, and puts it to work with a unit from 4000 mAh with ready for quick charge Quick Charge 4.0, even if the charging is done via micro USB input. Anyway the results are more than satisfactory: just think that in a day when I could not benefit from WiFi but only 3G / 4G data connection, with GPS active for navigation and high-precision positioning, social, messaging, some games, various downloads and many phone calls after about 7 hours of continuous use has performed poco more than 4 hours and 10 minutes of active screen with still poco less than 50% of remaining charge.

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The expectations for this Redmi Note 5 have been met and sometimes even outdated, but I can not go on to the fact that unlike other models this time Google services, installed through third-party solutions, are not fully functional. Someone could ask why prefer the Redmi Note 5 to the Redmi 5 Plus, and in a sense the answer is given by the photographic performances, which are destined to improve. Another aspect that convinces to prefer this model compared to the Redmi 5 Pus is the new processor, GPU and type of RAM used on the smartphone that in everyday use they really make the difference. There are no defects that really penalize the use of the Redmi Note 5, and all the aspects analyzed have behaved in a more than discrete way so you can proceed with the purchase of the smartphone through GeekMall, a store that offers shipping from Italy and delivery in 48 / 72 hours with 2 years warranty and assistance in Italy. Or you can wait for the international version that can always be purchased from the store Geekmall I thank you for providing the sample. Whatever your choice, net of a future ROM Global, you will have brought home a real best buy.

8.8 Total score

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 has a lot to offer while maintaining a decidedly economical price. The only defect found at the moment refers to the software that limits the synchronization with some Google services, but the future international version of the device will also solve this obstacle. Xiaomi has been able to give another best buy from which it becomes difficult to expect more. The renewed photographic sector also reduces the distances between a medium range and a top of the range.

  • 18 DISPLAY: 9
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Emanuele Iafulla

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