Released MIUI 10 8.12.13 Version Full Changelog

Buongiorno MIUIers of Italy, finally many new things are beginning to arrive and optimization by the MIUI development team, which seems to have been stalled for some time. Discover all the news of the changelog for the developer versions of MIUI 10 China and Global.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global
Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global

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Note for China Beta: 1. The public beta update to Android P is released for Mi 8, Mi Max 3, Mi 8 Pro, Mi 8 Explorer Edition.

2. The update is suspended for Mi Note 3 due to system stability testing.

3. The update for Mi 8 SE is suspended for testing on Android P.

MIUI 10 China Developer ROM 8.12.13 Full Changelog


New - Added the "Jianghu" slider audio effect (Mi MIX 3)

Optimized - The system application menu is structured in a better way.


New - Soft animation for "cloudy" weather

Optimized - Adaptation of the weather interface to 15 days

Optimized - Large characters and problems related to the density of the screen

MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM 8.12.13 Full Changelog


-optimized - The App menu in the Settings gets a structural update

Resolved - Problems with the decryption of the ROM packages

Resolved - The Lockscreen screen is all black (Redmi Note 5 Pro)

Resolved - Sscreen phallus during unlocking.

Resolved - Ltorch is not activated by using the double pressing of the power button

Resolved - The touchscreen has touch response latencies (POCOPHONE F1)

Resolved - In the Clock app, the Snooze setting is not completely translated.

Resolved - In the personalized lockscreen with their own information, these are not displayed in full.

Download links of the global MIUI 10 beta

redmi 3S
1298M Recovery …

Redmi Notes 4 MTK
Recovery 1296M …
Fastboot 1557M … obal_9c1ad0098c.tgz

Redmi Note 3 Special Edition
1156M Recovery …
Fastboot 1366M … obal_304fc0692b.tgz

Redmi 4X
1497M Recovery …
Fastboot 1705M … obal_f84c4d25cd.tgz

My 5s
1509M Recovery …
Fastboot 1678M … obal_0d430013bc.tgz

Mi Max 32G
1425M Recovery …
Fastboot 1631M … obal_76a18fdae4.tgz

Mi Max 64G / 128G
1426M Recovery …
Fastboot 1632 M … obal_d9f16566a2.tgz

Redmi 4A
1482M Recovery …
Fastboot 1690M … obal_3c9c052292.tgz

Redmi Notes 4 Qualcomm / Redmi Notes 4X
1533M Recovery …
Fastboot 1762M … obal_063aa58d61.tgz

We are Max 2
1684M Recovery …
Fastboot 1944M … obal_9f99d4eea8.tgz

Redmi Notes 5A / Redmi Y1 Lite
1427M Recovery …
Fastboot 1757M … obal_ba74c6cc7e.tgz

Redmi Notes 5A Prime / Redmi Y1
1433M Recovery …
Fastboot 1786M … obal_1f9d4d0aa3.tgz

My 6
1630M Recovery …
Fastboot 1840M … obal_c1e1724958.tgz

Mi MIX 2
1678M Recovery …
Fastboot 1875M … obal_d100bc28c4.tgz

Redmi S2
Recovery 1224M …
Fastboot 1748M … obal_245183d7e6.tgz

Redmi Notes 5 / Redmi Notes 5 Pro
Fastboot 2294M … obal_76d76497be.tgz

My Notes 2
1494M Recovery …
Fastboot 1705M … obal_4c4f215136.tgz

1485M Recovery …
Fastboot 1653M … obal_a5a275dce8.tgz

1720M Recovery …
Fastboot 2400M … obal_1e7490cf07.tgz

Fastboot 2464M … obal_e5da3b207a.tgz

My 8
1706M Recovery …
Fastboot 2407M … obal_5e20d9eabc.tgz

Redmi 6A
1208M Recovery …
Fastboot 1698M … obal_d04b1bdc0b.tgz

redmi 6
1204M Recovery …
Fastboot 1693M … obal_7adf017c6a.tgz

Redmi 6 Pro
Fastboot 1908M …

MI Max 3
1697M Recovery …
Fastboot 2491M … obal_08181e2b35.tgz

Redmi 5A
1331M Recovery …
Fastboot 1868M … obal_609179b59a.tgz

redmi 5
1315M Recovery …
Fastboot 1866M … obal_84ca61842a.tgz

My Notes 3
1572M Recovery …
Fastboot 1961M … obal_332b0cc9ad.tgz

Mi 5s Plus
1529M Recovery …
Fastboot 1741M … obal_6ca630fb60.tgz

Notes redmi 6 Pro
Fastboot 2448M

Mi 8 Lite
Fastboot 2384M … obal_3f708b9867.tgz

sources | Thread MIUI China | Thread MIUI Global

If you have any doubts about how the different branches of the MIUI ROM are organized, see our guide to versions of MIUI
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Also to you on mi 8 does not work clock and recorder with the latest beta?

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But is it true that the function unlock me will be removed?

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