Released MIUI 10 8.9.13 Version Full Changelog

Good morning MIUIers of Italy, this week's updates are practically absent due to significant stops on some terminals following checks on the system and / or testing the release of Android 9 Pie. On the other hand, the first releases of the stable versions of the MIUI 10 are taking place. Among the novelties in the devices in download we also find the POCOPHONE F1.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global
Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global

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Please note:

1. For Mi 5 users, it is recommended that you back up your data and keep the phone charging while updating the phone. (China)

2. The update is suspended for Redmi 6 and Redmi 6A for some issues that need to be confirmed. (China)

3. The update is suspended for Redmi 5 due to the occasional crash problem. (China)

4. The update is suspended for Mi Note 3, Mi Pad 3, Mi MIX 2S and Mi 8 SE to check the stability of the system. (China)

5. The update is suspended for Mi 8 Explorer Edition due to the Android Pie test. (China)

6. The update is suspended for Mi 8 due to the 9 Pie Android test. (China)

7. For 4 / Plus Mi Pad users, upgrade using the fastbooot method and delete the data if you want to upgrade to the development ROM from the stable ROM (unlock the bootloader before the flash). (China)

As just mentioned, the MIUI 10 in China Stable version is in the process of rollout and then users can receive it via OTA, but in case you do not want to wait here are the download links and then proceed with the manual flash.

The first lot : Redmi 6, Mi 6X, Redmi 6A, Redmi 6 Pro, Mi 8 SE, Mi MIX 2, Mi MIX, Redmi S2, Mi Note 2, Mi 5, Redmi Note 5, Mi 6.

redmi 6
Recovery 1.7G 2e7d6c96a8615d96dba474321eb8efba …
Fastboot 2.2G 51ac1116de3d7f14234210b886bc9fd7 … 1_cn_51ac1116de.tgz

My 6X
Recovery 2.1G 65371a11df650c3d410121364f2577f6 …
Fastboot 2.8G 1d8fc15a004cf52c75ca70e534923fa6 … 1_cn_1d8fc15a00.tgz

Redmi 6A
Reovery 1.7G a9529126f0649dc26d59c34985b1bfae …
Fastboot 2.2G b7d09199b06a52e48ebc3032cf7b6057 … 1_cn_b7d09199b0.tgz

Redmi 6 Pro
Recovery 1.8G 192540fed51442bc7b1a3d14f800e14e …
Fastboot 2.4G 76080e27511c0f28464628933aa84837 … 1_cn_76080e2751.tgz

Mi 8 SE
Recovery 2.0G 2834ba99524a928eab569e2b4abc1dfd …
Fastboot 2.8G 8433266209a92a6f1650da664ec0e158 … 1_cn_8433266209.tgz

Mi MIX 2
Recovery 1.7G af4208759ef7f37c3360dc1edab8bd47 …
Fastboot 2.5G ea0577db32c79dba2637120c0b281427 … 0_cn_ea0577db32.tgz

Recovery 1.7G 55bf6b514bd284f99f9ed49288930fa7 …
Fastboot 2.1G 89afc8aebb5f0c38e267b006f2c79138 … 0_cn_89afc8aebb.tgz

Redmi S2
Recovery 1.5G a00eee7bded85b1a83ef8e743e9ef66a …
Fastboot 2.1G dcff8203708f78592a234e3cccb2c3f7 … 1_cn_dcff820370.tgz

My Notes 2
Recovery 1.7G 098ba4b1c7a275a68459df37bbc817a0 …
Fastboot 2.1G 2432d287249ad28388d941946cf9f8a5 … 0_cn_2432d28724.tgz

My 5
Recovery 1.7G 255e87d96e717e82075fe6008a309e02 …
Fastboot 2.1G 5896bc38876459aa2f4318f870326b1a … 0_cn_5896bc3887.tgz

Redmi Note 5
Recovery 1.9G 92259c22db08b028561d07969c1db846 …
Fastboot 2.5G 7a9c72f518bb15e00545710e6c63e4eb … 1_cn_7a9c72f518.tgz

My 6
Recovery 1.6G 36fb7a3e448925282ba7325b66ee83ff …
Fastboot 2.4G 5ea2b7ee9570d1f66e402fff133542c8 … 0_cn_5ea2b7ee95.tgz

miui 10

MIUI 10 China Developer ROM 8.9.13 Full Changelog


Optimization - Increased system security.

MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM 8.9.6 Full Changelog


Correct - Some app icons are not displayed in the notification panel

Download links of the global MIUI 10 beta

redmi 3S
Recovery 1286M …
Fastboot 1501M … obal_af241b86cd.tgz

Redmi Notes 4 MTK
Recovery 1419M …
Fastboot 1687M … obal_4325b123ef.tgz

Redmi Notes 3 SD
1275M Recovery …
Fastboot 1492M … obal_c37050d436.tgz

Redmi Note 3 Special Edition
Recovery 1134M …
Fastboot 1351M … obal_7f9253d768.tgz

Redmi 4X
Recovery 1319M …
Fastboot 1792M … obal_f64530d3f8.tgz

My 5s
Recovery 1388M …
Fastboot 1562M … obal_03055542a5.tgz

I Max
Recovery 1504M …
Fastboot 1718M … obal_496682d6ac.tgz

Mi Max Prime
Recovery 1505M …
Fastboot 1719M … obal_f8adc65f6a.tgz

Mi 5s Plus
Recovery 1407M …
Fastboot 1624M … obal_c9220a837d.tgz

Redmi 4A
Recovery 1325M …
Fastboot 1808M … obal_7a16c6572e.tgz

Redmi 5A
Recovery 1290M …
Fastboot 1980M … obal_12f81aecd6.tgz

Redmi Notes 4 Qualcomm / Redmi Notes 4X
Recovery 1518M …
Fastboot 2002M … obal_8d557b31f0.tgz

We are Max 2
1642M Recovery …
Fastboot 2153M … obal_a60d11e481.tgz

Redmi Notes 5A / Redmi Y1 Lite
Recovery 1271M …
Fastboot 1845M … obal_50addb46c8.tgz

Redmi Notes 5A Prime / Redmi Y1
Recovery 1278M …
Fastboot 1892M … obal_42aa5b406d.tgz

Redmi 5 Plus
Recovery 1426M …
Fastboot 2237M … obal_7c971ffe46.tgz

My 6
Recovery 1609M …
Fastboot 2083M … obal_f604258491.tgz

Mi MIX 2
Recovery 1647M …
Fastboot 2094M … obal_b76cf00345.tgz

My 5
Recovery 1442M …
Fastboot 1661M … obal_33d66b33c3.tgz

My Notes 2
Recovery 1481M …
Fastboot 1700M … obal_696398756b.tgz

Recovery 1472M …
Fastboot 1648M … obal_c4ccd90e42.tgz

Redmi S2
1341M Recovery …
Fastboot 2113M … obal_f34af62d0f.tgz

Redmi Notes 5 / Redmi Notes 5 Pro
Fastboot 2544M … obal_0932f44152.tgz

Recovery 1663M …
Fastboot 2488M … obal_48a6bbcc63.tgz

Fastboot 2569M … obal_045339f9bb.tgz

miui 10

For the king of the selfie Xiaomi Redmi S2, the official release of the MIUI 10 Global Stable has begun, which should arrive via OTA notification, but sand you can not wait, you can download the ROM package from the links below.

Recovery 1309M 34f6fa6afb515e1af034b83b7738a1d1

Fastboot 2076M fb185a42206a848bdc86b5437c709bfe

sources | Thread MIUI China / Thread MIUI Global

If you have any doubts about how the different branches of the MIUI ROM are organized, see our guide to versions of MIUI
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Emanuele sorry I can install the recovery on mi 8 with the bootloader locked true? do I go quiet? Official international version now I have the 9.6.7

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