Solving the 16 communication error of Android Auto with Xiaomi

The landscape of Android smartphones is vast and to this is added the equally varied panorama of infotainment of modern cars that complicates the compatibility of Android Auto with our Xiaomi. But if your problem is the 16 communication error know that you may have run into incompatibility with the function of app cloned.

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MIUI incompatibility with Android Auto

Nine times out of ten the problem of Xiaomi communication with Android Auto is due to the function app cloned. This function is not directly supported by Google and in order to work, it is necessary that MIUI creates a second virtual space by cloning all Google services (Google Play Services and the Framework).

This workaround, at present, creates communication problems with cars generating the fateful 16 error on Android Auto.

Disable the Cloned Apps correctly

Since the problem does not come from the duplication of individual apps but from google services, it is necessary to completely remove all the data of the function.

To do a proper cleaning it is therefore necessary:

  • Go to Settings-> Cloned Apps
  • Click on the gear at the top right
  • Select "Delete cloned app accounts"
  • Click on "Remove and restart" on the popup that appears
  • Wait for the restart

If you go back to the cases described above you should be able to use Android Auto right away. Remember to select the "file transfer" mode from the notification that will appear when you insert the cable.

Let me know in the comments if you have solved.

The "Second Space" function does not have this problem and is therefore a possible alternative for those who need double accounts


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Hi, I just bought a NOTE8, I performed the procedure as described above, but I didn't solve the problem.
As soon as he connects the cable, he makes several attempts to connect, but fails, the Android Auto screen on the mobile appears for a fraction of a second, not giving the possibility to configure the device with the car.
Are there solutions?
Thank you

not ready yet

Does the second space also generate this incompatibility?

If one needs a cloned app can not use android auto?

not ready yet

Hi, in the "cloned app" menu I don't have the "Delete cloned app account" entry

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