Roborock A10 and A10 Plus are smart scrubbers. Photos, specifications and prices

Roborock Technology has released the new flagship series of smart scrubber brooms, the series Roborock A10. This includes two models, the Roborock A10 and A10 Plus. The first is priced at 2199 yuan (317 euros) and the second is priced at 2999 yuan (433 euros).

Roborock A10 and A10 Plus are the new generation smart scrubber brooms (self-cleaning)

Let's start with the more premium of the two, the Roborock A10 Plus smart scrubber mop that adopts a new dual-frequency roller design. This cleaning and suction design provides powerful cleaning ability, full coverage of edges and corners on both sides. There is also a very innovative internal and external two-way self-cleaning function, with which the dirt inside is cleaned more thoroughly. Once self-cleaning is complete, the hot air dries the roller evenly and at the same time antibacterial is sprayed to prevent mold and odors.

Going into detail, the Roborock Smart Floor Scrubber A10 Plus adopts a double roller that cleans and absorbs in a more efficient way. The double rotation allows the dirty water to be absorbed by the roller first by rolling and then by vacuuming. Dirt collects in the center of the roller, then rotates over the second brush and is finally sucked into the air duct, creating a deep cleaning.

The Roborock Smart Floor Scrubber A10 Plus also uses a high torque motor to provide powerful cleaning power for the roller, with a high suction of 17000 Pa and a single central air duct.

As for cleaning blind spots in corners which has always been a difficult problem for scrubbing brooms, the Roborock Smart Floor Scrubber A10 Plus it is designed as a single double brush. The front and rear brushes complement each other and work together. The front roller uses a central transmission to cover both sides. The side-operated roller brushes cover the central part and work together to completely cover the cleaning area, effectively solving the problem of cleaning the walls, without leaving blind spots in the corners.

As for the post-maintenance issue of the scrubber with residual dirt having to be removed manually after each cleaning, which greatly affects the user experience. Well, the Roborock Smart Floor Scrubber A10 Plus has a pioneering design with two-way self-cleaning inside and outside. It uses the principle of back and forth rotation of the washing machine. The motor drives the to rotate alternately forwards and backwards. With a 70 ° golden angle scraper, the roller moves forward at a sharp angle and penetrates the root of the bristles to clean the dirt. While the rear roller removes the dirt accumulated on the scraper and suction port and, at the same time, cleans the residual water.

The Roborock Smart Floor Scrubber A10 Plus is equipped with a hot air drying base. The roller is first centrifuged and then dried with hot air. Hot air is blown through the bottom of the base into the entire head cavity and the high temperature water molecules penetrate inside the roller. After the roller brush has dried, it can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria and peculiar odors, and there is no need to disassemble and dry it manually, greatly reducing maintenance problems after use. It also provides a variety of drying settings, which support automatic drying after self-cleaning and manual drying with buttons. You can also set timed drying or start drying remotely via the app.

La antibacterial function has become an essential function of mid to high-end washing machines and has become a standard for protecting the health of pet families and mothers. The A10 Plus clean water tank comes standard with a slow release silver ion module, which can release antibacterial ingredients by soaking, with an antibacterial rate of 99,9%.

As if that were not enough, the Roborock A10 Plus also has an innovative automatic liquid addition function detergent. The cleaning liquid box pumps cleaning liquid into the head water supply tube at the appropriate dilution ratio and sprays it onto the roller brush during the cleaning process. Enough cleaning liquid can be put in for a total of 20 tanks of clean water.

As for the Roborock A10 (not Plus) the specifications are almost identical, but there is only one front roller.

Finally, the Roborock A10 Plus has a battery life of 40 minutes, while the A10 can run for 50 minutes.

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