Roborock Dyad now at the lowest historical price: truly unmissable!

La Roborock Dyad floor cleaner it is a really useful device in daily cleaning. The great experience of the brand in question in the sector has produced a multifunction scrubber dryerzion among the best on the market, which at the moment is offered at the historical minimum price on the Gshopper online store. Let's find out all the details on the Roborock Dyad data sheet and on the promozion now active.

Roborock Dyad has an aspiration of 13 thousand PA and a large autonomy

Roborock Dyad is one multifunction floor cleaner that washes, sucks and dries at the same time. Let's start with its dimensions. Roborock Dyad measures 1110x270x170mm e weighs 5kg, not a few, but it can be easily managed thanks to the joint that allows it to be easily rotated and tilted up to 180 °. Among the main technical features of this product is first of all the 260W motor, capable of developing a suction pressure of 13000Pa. The small spots of dirt, which animals usually leave, disappear with a single stroke. While for more disastrous situations, more than one pass is required, which however returns excellent results, leaving the floor wet "just right" and which therefore dries quickly.

As for his funzSioning is very simple: it is equipped with a 850ml tank for clean water which wets the rollers in contact with the floor. The resulting dirty water is sucked up together with any solid dirt and deposited in a second 620ml tank which also incorporates a particulate filter to avoid the spread of allergens and an additional internal filter that retains solid dirt. It is of course possible to dilute a detergent in water for better results.

Cleaning takes place by rubbing the wet rollers on the floor. The Roborock Dyad ne it has three of rollers that rotate in the opposite direction to centralize and vacuum dirt more easily. In addition, the two rear rollers are placed flush with the machine body and can also effectively clean the edges of the floors but a little less the corners. If necessary, cleaning can be completed with a wipe in "drying" mode in which substantially the Roborock does not send water but continues to rotate the rollers and suck. This function can also be very useful as "sucks up liquids"In those situations in which large quantities of water are spilled on the floor (dog pee, a bottle dropped, shower water, etc.)

Unfortunately it is not able to stand up on its own except in the base, but a removable stand is available to place it in an inclined position during breaks. color display keeps us informed about the conditions of the scrubber drier. It constantly indicates the battery level, the status of the tanks, the start of the various modes and during automatic operation, a semicircle will turn from blue to red to indicate the greater intensity. There is also a voice feedback which communicates most of the alerts without having to check the display.

Generous 5000mAh battery recharges in 3 hours e guarantees a record autonomy of about 35 minutes of continued use. In practice, since use is often intermittent, you can use it for much longer sessions. From menzfinally ionize the technology of self-cleaning with which this floor cleaner is equipped, which thus allows to avoid the thorough cleaning of the washing tools by the user who is using it.

Roborock Dyad: here is the offer never seen before!

We now come to the main dish, or the proposed offer, which in fact lowers the price of Roborock Dyad to an all-time low! At this time, you can buy it at an unprecedented amount of 249 €! Here are all the details.

🛒Xiaomi Roborock Dyad floor cleaner vacuum cleaner and liquids

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