Roborock G10S and G10S Pro official in China: they are the two most premium robot vacuum cleaners of the brand

This afternoon the Roborock Technology brand released its new annual flagship series, the G10S. This includes the Roborock G10S priced at 4799 yuan (€ 685) and the Roborock G10S Pro priced at 5699 yuan (€ 812).

Roborock G10S and G10S Pro official in China: they are the two most premium robot vacuum cleaners of the brand

We start from the base of the G10S series which has been completely evolved, integrating five main functions of automatic cleaning, automatic dust collection, automatic water supply, automatic antibacterial and self-cleaning of the base itself.

In particular, the Stone G10S series is able to complete an automatic dust collection and it is not necessary to manually unload the waste for 60 days. In addition, the dual fan dust collection design is able to achieve a two-dimensional air path, forming a "little swirl" in the dust box, sweeping all corners, and quickly emptying the dust box under super suction of 27000Pa.

The robot vacuum cleaner also has a new intelligent dust collection technology, which not only can predict the state of the dust container, intelligently and dynamically adjust the dust collection intensity and dust collection time, but also remove the flakes of dust deposited on the filter to extend its life.

In addition, the Roborock G10S series dust bag adopts a "4 + 1" composite material with a pre-separation non-stick layer, a double melt layer with micron-level filter and an antibacterial and anti-mold layer, which not only It has a filtration efficiency of dust, dust and other allergens reaching 99,5%, but it can also ensure an antibacterial effect during long-term use. Then the dust stays in the dust bag which is automatically sealed when before being removed, so your hands don't get dirty and the bacteria in the dust aren't touched.

As far as mop washing is concerned, this is an important part of daily house cleaning. Roborock Technology has designed a dual power cleaning module to thoroughly clean with the “wash, brush and scrape” method. The cleaner can spray water inside the base passes through the pump connected to the clean water tank. The mop component will move left to right, then right to left, back and forth and finally drain the waste water to complete the entire cleaning process. In addition, you can also set the mop washing frequency "by zone" or "by time" and choose between three modes of "water-saving wash / daily wash / deep wash" as needed.

As if that weren't enough, there's a self-cleaning wiper under the mop that removes slurry and some solid dirt.

The Roborock G10S series has its own water tank that can be refilled automatically with the cooperation of the base, ensuring that the water tank is full before the robot mops the floor each time. It can clean the floor with constant water and ensure a cleaning effect without manual maintenance.

For the rest, the Roborock G10S series has been upgraded and updated simultaneously for sweeping and scrubbing functions. In particular, it added the Max + feature, with the maximum suction power having been increased to 5100 Pa, therefore more suitable for users who prefer deep cleaning. In addition, the unique four-arm suspension structure can make the robot float in 3D mode according to the ground conditions, so that the main brush adapts better to the ground and the cleaning ability is better.

The main brush just mentioned is completely made of TPU soft rubber material, and with the spiral design, the hair is easy to clean.

The Roborock G10S series is also equipped with a liftable broom and a sonic vibration cleaning module. In different cleaning scenarios, it can intelligently judge whether to raise or lower the mop bracket. While the sonic vibration cleaning module works with the lift function to actively clean the floor under pressure, reaching 3000 passes per minute and the stain removal rate reaches 99,99%.

The Roborock G10S series is equipped with the new RR Mason 9.0 algorithm system and navigation planning and obstacle avoidance capabilities have been improved without precedent, with features such as quick mapping, 3D maps, Matrix maps and shortcut commands.

Finally, we have an image sensor and RR Mason 9.0 which can identify common objects in 3D, measure distances and greatly improve obstacle avoidance.

As for the differences between G10S and G10S Pro, the latter can also make video calls in real time, covering the entire environment, and for example allowing us to observe the situation of children at home. The product has passed the TüV Rheinland privacy security certification.

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1 months ago

dlaczego nie ma nic na temat podłączenia stacji do wody i odpływu, które widzimy do filmie?

3 months ago

Hi, reading the specs they look really very similar models to the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra presented at CES. We hope that at least these (being designed by Pininfarina among other things) officially come out in Europe as well. Any news about it?