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Official Roborock G20S and V20: the new generation of robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners arrives

During the new product launch conference Roborock, held today, were officially presented on Roborock V20 and Roborock G20S, two cutting-edge robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners. Both models promise exceptional performance and advanced features, let's see them together.

Official Roborock G20S and V20: the new generation of robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners arrives

Roborock G20S V20

Roborock V20 nicknamed “The Black Warrior”

Il Roborock V20 stands out for its elegant and aggressive design, inspired by a black warrior. This robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner is equipped with cutting-edge technologies that make it an indispensable ally for keeping your home clean and tidy.

Dual-Light Source Solid-State Lidar Technology

The V20 is Roborock's first robot vacuum cleaner to use the tech dual-light source solid-state lidar. This advanced sensing system allows the robot to precisely identify obstacles and map its surroundings. Thanks to one sampling rate of 38400Hz, the V20 creates a detailed 3D representation of spaces, effectively avoiding obstacles and ensuring thorough cleaning.

Complete Corner Coverage

The design of the V20 is designed to reach even the most difficult corners. With his ultra-thin body from 8,2 cm, can easily slip under furniture and clean hidden areas. Furthermore, i FlexiArm Design flexible robotic arms ensure coverage of the corners 100%, eliminating blind spaces.

Suction Power and Floor Cleaning

The V20 offers a suction power of 11000Pa, capable of effectively removing dust, hair and debris from carpets and floors. Its cleaning ability is further enhanced by the mopping mode, which helps keep floors clean and shiny.

Advanced Base Station

The V20 base station is more than just a simple charging point. Supports the floor washing at 60°C, guaranteeing sterilization to the 99,9%. Furthermore, the base station offers features such as auto-filling of water and automatic dust collection. The V20 is ready to tackle any cleaning challenge.

Integrated Artificial Intelligence

The V20 is equipped with a advanced artificial intelligence system. It automatically recognizes the type of room and floor material, plans intelligent cleaning sequences and supports voice control even offline. With the V20, cleaning becomes more efficient and personalized.


The Roborock V20 will be sold in China at the price of 4799 Yuan (625 euros) for the version with tank, while the model that can be connected to the home pipes costs 5399 Yuan, around 700 euros at the exchange rate.

Roborock G20S V20

Roborock G20S: Perfect Corner Coverage

Il Roborock G20S it is designed to ensure thorough cleaning, including the most difficult corners. This robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner offers innovative features that make your daily life easier.

Smart FlexiArm Design Robotic Arm

The G20S is equipped with a intelligent robotic arm that reaches corners without leaving blind spaces. The coverage of the internal corners of the walls is guaranteed 100%. When the G20S cleans corners, its side brush automatically extends, reaching every crack and crevice.

Roborock G20S V20

High Speed ​​Floor Cleaning

The G20S offers a high-speed mopping mode that can clean the floor up to 4000 times per minute. Thanks to the double spiral cleaning technology, the G20S manages to effectively remove dust, hair and debris.

Double Spiral Cleaning System

The Roborock G20S uses a double spiral brush and suction power of 11000Pa They effectively remove dust and hair.

Edge Wiping Module technology

Thanks to Edge Wiping Module technology, the Roborock G20S cleans edges at a speed of 185 turns per minute.

Integrated Artificial Intelligence

The Roborock G20S is equipped with the powerful RR Mason 11.0 processor, the G20S recognizes room types and floor materials, plans cleaning sequences, and supports voice recognition in dialects such as Cantonese and Sichuan.


As with the V20, the Roborock V20 also has a more "economical" tank version it costs 5399 Yuan, around 700 euros at the exchange rate, while the model that can be connected to home pipes will be sold in China at the price of 5999 Yuan, approximately 780 euros at the exchange rate.

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