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Roborock Mini Washing Machine M1 Pure: the ultra-compact and innovative washing machine arrives

The Roborock brand is part of the ecosystem Xiaomi today presented its latest innovation in the field of household appliances: the Roborock Mini Washing Machine M1 Pure. This new model is proposed to competitive price of 1.999 yuan (260 euros).

Roborock Mini Washing Machine M1 Pure: the ultra-compact and innovative washing machine arrives

Roborock Mini Washing Machine M1 Pure

The Roborock M1 Pure is an all-in-one solution that combines the convenience of a compact washing machine with the efficiency of a dryer. With a washing capacity of 1 kg, it can handle up to 25 pairs of lightweight underwear, 15 pieces of bra o 80 pairs of socks simultaneously, making it ideal for the daily needs of a modern family.

The engine a DD variable frequency direct drive installed on the M1 Pure achieves a high speed of 1.000 rpm, ensuring effective and quick washing. Furthermore, the SPA washing function, which imitates hand washing by gently rubbing the garments, protects the fibers of the fabrics, ensuring a deep but delicate cleansing.

Roborock Mini Washing Machine M1 Pure

One of the most innovative aspects of the Roborock M1 Pure is its intelligent control function of detergent distribution. This advanced technology automatically determines the amount of detergent needed based on the selected wash program and clothing load, thus ensuring scientific dosing and automatic distribution.

As for the drying experience, the M1 Pure adopts a straight row drying method, taking advantage of innovative designs such as dual wind direction drying and three-dimensional drying of the fibers. These characteristics allow us to effectively prevent the formation of creases and tangles, ensuring uniform heating of the fabrics.

The M1 Pure doesn't just deliver top-notch performance; also supports 20 intelligent programs washing and drying systems, designed to meet the specific washing needs of underwear, baby clothing and sportswear. This attention to detail demonstrates Roborock's commitment to providing solutions that improve the quality of life of its users.

In essence, the Roborock Mini Washing Machine M1 Pure represents an excellent choice for those looking for a compact, efficient and intelligent appliance

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