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Roborock Q7 MAX + review, cleaning phenomenon with 4.200Pa and self-emptying

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Now when we talk about household cleaning products, we cannot fail to mention the inevitable robot that populate the homes of many people.

And if we want truly high quality products at truly competitive prices on the market now, one of the best companies we can find, I would like to affirm beyond any doubt that it is Roborock, in fact it manages to climb the peaks because it offers products of the highest quality at below average prices.

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Although on paper it is really young because it was born 8 years ago, just in 2014, its attention to detail, its construction quality and its truly excellent technical characteristics make it one of the leaders in the sector, one of the best choices we can make. in the purchase of a robot with an unrivaled quality / price ratio.

One of the things that most strikes anyone who uses the products created by this brand is the simplicity of use, in fact anyone can approach these robots because they are really simple and intuitive to use.

But now we come to us, during the unboxing I had already fallen in love with this robot and I will immediately explain why, however beautiful these devices with mirror surfaces can be, already after the first uses you can notice fingerprints on the body, dust or lint, however this robot has a matt finish which remains very clean and always gives a feeling of order and general cleanliness.

The package contains:

Roborock Q7 Max +, floor mopping cloth, one spare brush, power cord with European plug, charging station with inserted bag, spare bag for the charging station and multilingual instruction manual.

The robot therefore remains really beautiful both aesthetically and as regards the workmanship, in fact in our hand we feel it beautiful solid with very resistant and durable plastics.

The positioning of the water and dirt tray inside a drawer on the body of the robot is also very convenient because in this way it avoids any accidental spillage of the drawer itself.

The pan also has one water load capacity of 350 ml and before having to carry out manual or automatic emptying, it contains up to 470ml of dirt.

The base for emptying is really convenient because it allows us to have an automatic and very hygienic cleaning, without having to empty it continuously, in fact, before having to replace the dirt bag we can wait a very long time because it has a capacity of 2,5 liters, so more or less a duration of well 7 weeks!

Small flaw however, the base for emptying is a little too wide and large and in my small apartment, it takes up enough space making it a bit too cumbersome, moreover the emptying of the vacuum cleaner in the base is quite noisy and perhaps not suitable to be performed at any time.

However, we can decide not to use the self-emptying function and perform it manually by excluding it from the app itself, in this way even if we need to clean in other hours we can use our Roborock safely because it remains really silent.

We have three speeds of suction and delivery of water, it goes without saying that the more suction increases and the less autonomy of the product we have, I personally have tried to clean my home with maximum suction and maximum delivery of water and I must say that it behaved very well, reaching just 65% of battery, so really even the autonomy is a bomb since we are faced a 5200 mAh battery with a duration of more than three hours.

Obviously, if I had to perform a cleaning at other times, such as for emptying the base, I would use the balanced suction because it remains really silent.

It also has a function of carpet recognition which allows it to automatically switch from the suction we have set to the balanced one so as not to get stuck and have annoying stops.

The Roborock not only proves to be a champion in design but, as already mentioned, really intuitive to use, in fact on the body of the robot we find: a flap, which if open shows us inside the container of water and dirt, ours inevitable LiDAR turret and three buttons which are:

The key Home which makes our Q7 return directly to the charging base, finishing the cleaning, the button Power which, as its name suggests, is used to turn it on or off and the button Lids, which is used to block the device from accidental switching on which may be caused by children or animals.

At the bottom, the first thing that strikes you is the rotating brush made of silicone, which is absolutely wonderful in terms of cleaning and maintenance because it never stays wet and therefore will never produce smells of dirty water but above all hair and hair do not get stuck so as to avoid annoying tangles during cleaning.

La main brush then, being made of silicone, it greatly improves cleaning making it really effective both in the collection of dirt and in the actual suction.

Beyond the brush then, on the "belly", we find the anti-fall sensors, the omnidirectional wheel, the pins for charging on the base, the rubberized wheels with traction and the side brush also in silicone.

The characteristics of this product are then truly amazing, in fact we are faced with a suction power of well 4200 Pa, combined with the excellent washing function with a constant 600g boost, it achieves impressive cleaning results.

We can then notice how fluid and precise this device is in its movements thanks to the PreciSense Precision LiDAR, which thanks to its integrated turret that we find right above, performs a first scan of the apartment through a laser which makes the accuracy of the maps really excellent and autonomously divides the rooms, so that even the division remains really precise and satisfying.

In the many smart functions of this device, we find the convenience of having a really great compatibility, in fact we can easily control it through our main voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The application is then very simple in pairing with the smartphone, because once downloaded, we can safely follow the instructions that will appear on the screen to have an immediate coupling.

After pairing, we are faced with the main screen with our robot and the wording "work flow" which is nothing more than the programs for daily cleaning.

We then have our personal profile, which allows us to carry out multiple operations such as:

firmware update, device sharing, manage rooms, activate and deactivate voice control, system information and settings.

On the left, however, we find the system messages and the various phases that our roborock goes through: emptying the robot, loading, empty tank, but also problems such as joints and various blocks.

The application also tells us the time it took for cleaning, the square meters it cleaned and the time it did, through the main screen we can then decide the suction power and the amount of water delivered.

As we can see, the management and organization of the maps is so complete that we can really insert anything from forbidden areas to furniture, from areas to be cleaned to whole rooms that are fully selectable and editable.

Finally, by clicking on the three dots located at the top right always from the main screen, we are faced with a small menu that completes the functionality of our device in all respects, we can in fact fully manage the maps, configure the robot, decide the emptying parameters and much more.

Last but not least, the cleaning filters and the tray are completely washable and removable in order to increase their life and use.

I was very impressed by this robot and at the moment I feel like saying that on the market we could not find absolutely anything on the same quality / price range, which makes it a really greedy device at a great price.

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Roborock Q7 Max +

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I keep the robot roborock q7 max y es una pasada !!