Roborock S5 Max: the first robot vacuum cleaner dedicated to washing floors

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Probably the suffix MAX does not give a clear understanding of the nature of this robot which seems to be only an enhanced version of S5, but in reality it is the first model designed specifically for washing the floor with technical solutions brought for the first time in robots Roborock.

ROBOROCK S5 MAX - Unboxing

The robot (available in white or black) is delivered with a charging base with cable and European plug, waterproof support base, tank with a single removable and washable microfibre cloth and of course multilingual manuals. Under the upper door next to the dust collector with HEPA filter, there is a housing containing a comfortable comb for thorough cleaning of the filter.

ROBOROCK S5 MAX - Features

Just like the top of the range S6 tested recently, this S5 Max has a suction power of 20.000pa which ensures excellent performance by dosing the suction level of 3 levels plus one specific for the night. The battery from 5200mAh allows the robot a washing autonomy of well 200mq but if this is not enough, it will automatically return to the base to recharge and then resume work exactly where it left off, but without having to reach 80% charge like the other model, this will resume as soon as it reaches the charge level enough to complete the cleaning cycle. The strength of Roborock is the detection accuracy of the system SLAM which, thanks to the new algorithm, optimizes even more the cleaning operations by exploiting as much as possible the movements on the long sides of the floor in order to limit the inversions to 180 ° and consequently shortening the cleaning times. The real novelty of this robot is the management of the washing because for the first time there is a tank by well 290 ml, about twice that of other models. The water has not fallen but there is a suction pump managed remotely to dose the quantity of water.

ROBOROCK S5 MAX - User experience

As for S5, this S5 Max also has room dividing and automatic carpet detection (option activated by the user) but in this we will be able to choose in addition to the degree of aspiration also that of washing and, in the case of room cleaning, decide up to 3 steps. The app allows you to schedule the washing activity and it is possible to manage the level of aspiration and washing for each room, a very useful option for those with different types of floors. In the presence of carpets it is possible to exclude washing when the robot is above them, but in this case you will have to manually configure a specific area on the map. You can easily manage up to 3 maps therefore without any problem for those who have a house that develops on more than one floor. In addition to the integrated voice assistant available in Italian which informs the user of all states, it is also compatible with systems Alexa e Google Assistant; the latter, still declared incompatible by Roborock, I have already been able to experiment with its correct operation but in any case with the basic functions such as starting and stopping cleaning, thus excluding all the peculiarities and customizations offered by the proprietary app.

ROBOROCK S5 MAX - Conclusions

After trying many and almost all of the Roborock ones, I have to recognize that this S5 Max is absolutely my favorite. It has a lot of technology inside and it is clear the great research and development work of the company already a leader in terms of aspiration but which needed this evolutionary step as regards washing. Probably the water pump is the most delicate element, therefore I strongly recommend the use of distilled water to avoid limescale problems which in the other models would be solved by simply cleaning or replacing the nozzles. I confirm that using it constantly it is able to keep the house clean, limiting human intervention only in the most difficult points or in the small corners where it cannot reach.

ROBOROCK S5 MAX - Offers and discounts

Price updated on: 26 September 2021 17:59

Roborock S5 Max vacuum cleaner washes floors
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9.3 Total score

  • Power
  • Managed washing
  • Mapping precision
  • 3 maps in memory
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility
  • Non automatic carpet washing exclusion
  • Only one microfiber cloth supplied
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