Roidmi EVA, the super efficient robot at € 679,99

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With the improvement of the quality of life and the interest in staying healthy, robots for sweeping and cleaning the house have become more and more a must have.

Roidmi EVA, the super efficient robot a €679,99

As we know, the normal mop robot can sweep, clean and vacuum, but it cannot automatically clean its brushes, dust container and cloth. So here comes the Roidmi EVA, a floor cleaning robot that, in addition to sweeping, cleaning and vacuuming, also has the automatic cleaning function of the same. The product is now on sale at the special price of € 679,99, click here to go to the offer.

ROIDMI EVA is the real “all-rounder” robot for sweeping, washing and drying

Base station

Going into detail, we have the Roidmi EVA base station designed to sweep, clean and wash the robot in the round. The base has a white color and trapezoidal shape design, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. The main body of the base station consists of the top cover, the operation area with buttons, the status display area, the host compartment and the left and right infrared sensors.

Buttons and LED color screen

In the buttons area, from left to right, there are four buttons: clean, recall, pause, collect dust. In the status display area next to the LED color screen you can see the real time status of the various cleaning and washing states, whether the dust bag is full, whether the waste water tank is full or the lack of water in the clean water tank, all thanks to flashing icons. It is also possible to understand the status of the power supply and the airflow speed of the vacuum cleaner.

Water tank and dust bag

Opening the top cover, we can see from left to right the presence of a 4 liter waste water tank, a 3 liter dust collection bag and a 4 liter clean water tank. In addition, the dust collection bag has an antibacterial and anti-mold function, while the two tanks both have a handle. They are therefore easy to extract, making it convenient to add clean water and drain the dirty one.

Floor cleaning robots

Bumper and LDS sensor

Moving on to the robot itself, the Roidmi EVA adopts a white plus black design, i.e. white as the main color and black as a supplement, while the LDS tower sensor is red in color.

The upper body consists of the LDS tower, buttons and a top cover; the front side has an anti-collision bar; the left side has sensors; the rear side consists of the dust collection port, rear view sensor and host charging contacts.

Dust box and cleaning brush

Opening the top lid, we find a 300ml dust box, along with a small brush to dump the dust and remove hair tangled inside.

The lower part of the body is divided into a drive module and a cleaning module, where the drive consists mainly of two 20 mm high wheels, a universal wheel and a small roller; The cleaning module is divided into two suction and scrubbing parts with a total of a side brush, a V-shaped main brush, two removable cleaning cloths, as well as 6 groups of cliff sensors and an ultrasonic sensor.

You can remove the cleaning cloth when you only want to sweep. This cloth is held in place thanks to an easy to disassemble magnet system. There is no need to switch between sweeping and scrubbing modes during use.

In conclusion, the ROIDMI EVA is a great option if you don't want to manually clean the robot every time you use it. The base station allows us to perform multiple cleanings without having to touch the robot vacuum cleaner.

If you are interested in buying, find the ROIDMI EVA a This Page at the special price of €679,99.

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