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Roidmi EVA - Review and test of the best-buy robot that vacuums, mops and washes itself

Roidmi EVA (Xiaomi ecosystem) is a new generation robot that does more things and does them better and compared to the competition is available at a really attractive price. I wanted to try it to see if this could be the robot vacuum cleaner best buy this year.

In the last 3 years we have seen a gradual evolution of these appliances which from mediocre vacuum cleaners that ran "at random" on the floor have turned into worthy helpers in household chores offering excellent suction performance and now also discreet in washing floors. The maintenance remains an aspect still relegated to the user but in this new generation we have seen great strides forward also in this aspect which has become essential in product selection.

Roidmi EVA base cleaning robot (white)
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€699 €850,74
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Roidmi Eva Datasheet

NavigationLiDAR sensors, ToF camera, carpet sensors
Suction power3.200 PA
Dimensions: Robot33 cm x 33 cm x 10,6 cm
Battery5.200 mAh – Recharge in 4h
Overcoming Obstacles15/20 mm
Basic Size38 x 46 x 40 cm
Base Power850w
Basic Tanks2L + 2L
App supportXiaomi Home and Roidmi apps
Washing modeSpin mops
Price€ 565 (Coupon: XiaomitodayEVA)

Design of the Roidmi Eva

Roidmi Eva general view

The equipment in the package, as often in Roidmi products, is rich:

  • Robot with mops and side brush already installed
  • Charging base with tanks and bag already installed
  • 2 spare mops
  • 1 spare side brush
  • 4 spare dust bags
  • 1 spare HEPA filter
  • 1 maintenance brush
Roidmi Eva Robot

Roidmi Eva has a shape that deviates from the classic robots, proposing a more square shape that allows you to reach corners more easily. In top we find three buttons for control (power on, return to base, spot cleaning) and the turret that houses the LiDAR sensor for navigation.

Roidmi Eva powder tank

Lifting the top cover you access the dust collection compartment which we will only remove to clean the HEPA filter since the robot empties itself. In this same seat there is the small brush/hook useful for cleaning the roller.

Roidmi Eva HEPA filter

IThe water tank is missing because Roidmi Eva, compared to other robots, works with a different logic that I will explain better later.

In the horizontal band there are the sensors and the anti-collision bumper together with the ToF sensor hidden by a darkened glass.

Roidmi Eva spinning mops

La bottom reveals the washing system a spinning cloths 14cm in diameter that can be easily removed thanks to the magnetic attachment. We also find the anti-fall sensor and the one for carpet recognition.

Charging, emptying and washing base

Roidmi Eva base tanks

The base fully recharges the robot in 4 hours, measures 40x46x38 deep and is a real pit stop for our Roidmi.

Although inevitably bulky, it is aesthetically very beautiful and minimal. It recalls the colors of the robot and houses it almost completely so as to look like a single appliance.

We have 4 touch buttons to start the main operations: emptying, washing clothes, starting cleaning, returning to the base.

To embellish the base there is a large color display which constantly shows the state of charge of the robot and beautiful animations describing the operations in progress. Furthermore, a colored frame, also animated, accompanies the emptying operation with a gradient.

At the bottom a brush is hidden specially made to clean the ducts and the inside of the base.

He's able to empty the dust collected during cleaning to deposit it in a 3-litre bag which will guarantee it self-sufficiency for 2 months in which we would only have to clean the filter, even less than usual because self-emptying also affects its cleanliness. When the bag is full, we will be notified by a voice (in Italian) and all we have to do is replace it with an easy and clean operation as the bag seals automatically when removed.

Roidmi Eva Basic Cleaning

La base he also takes care of the floor mops in fact internally we find two tanks of 2L each which are used for washing the mops. After cleaning, the base starts a laundry cycle sending clean water while cloths are rubbed on the internal tray (removable for maintenance). The resulting dirty water is sucked up and collected in the second tank.

Once the mops have been washed, the drying phase of the cloths and the internal surface is started to prevent the formation of batteries and consequent bad odours. The air that is sent is not very hot so the process is a bit long but silent.

Believe me, it's a show of efficiency and comfort.

Powerful and effective suction

The robot has a suction power of 3.200Pa which is a good value even if it's not the most powerful product I've tried.

On floors it performs very well, managing to suck up all the dirt it encounters, not only dust, but also crumbs and medium-sized food residues. This is also thanks to the roller and the rotating brush which work in sync providing excellent performance.

Sui carpets a few more Pascals would have been nice. Having a dog and two cats, for me carpets are the real critical point and obstacle to face for every robot I test. On short-pile carpets the Roidmi performed very well but on long-pile carpets it left out a few hairs that remained anchored to the bristles.

In any case, the robot infallibly recognizes the carpets and increases the power to the maximum to provide the best possible performance.

Really wash the floors as you would

Roidmi Eva rotary cloths

The Roidmi Eva is a fantastic floor cleaning robot. As also verified with other products such as the Dreame L10s Pro, rotating mops offer washing performance far superior to the classic dragged mops but also to vibrating mops such as that of the Roborock S7.

The two round cloths from 16cm are made of two different materials, one harder and one soft. They rotate by 180 times per minute and are pressed to the floor with a pressure of 18 Nm. The friction they are able to generate is therefore a lot.

The results are excellent. "Fresh" stains are eliminated without difficulty, but even residues of a few days are removed in the first pass. Additionally, the mops' spinning action provides an even cleaning that leaves no streaks or halos typical instead of static cloths.

Floor washing

We advise you to watch the video review for more details

We are not yet at the level of a manual washing but we are very close and only exceptional situations will force you to intervene.

When the mops are installed, the robot recognizes carpets and avoids them so as not to wet them. However, there are no technical impediments to using it on carpets, in fact this option can be deactivated if you also want to give the carpet a wash.

As I had mentioned in the introduction, the robot does not have a built-in water tank but wet the cloths directly on the base before each cleaning. We can choose between two initial wet levels (slightly wet or very wet) and set how often the robot will have to return to the base to clean and rewet the clothes (6, 9 or 12 minutes).

I confess that this solution initially worried me but I had to change my mind. Having an integrated tank has the only theoretical advantage of not having to return to the base, but this still happens because the clothes must still be rewashed at regular intervals to maintain a good level of cleanliness and hygiene. So the advantage disappears.

Conversely, the tanks use solenoid valves for regulating the water which are very delicate and require special precautions such as the use of water poco hard (better if distilled) to avoid clogging of the channels.

The Roidmi though he can't lift his mops and therefore will continue to wet the floors until the mops are installed.

Flawless navigation

The Roidmi Eva uses the now widespread Lidar laser technology which allows you to instantly recognize the walls and furniture of the house with great precision. The creation of the map is therefore fast and accurate to the centimetre.

The same sensor is used to navigate and orient oneself inside the house in an always accurate way also thanks to the Roidmi algorithm which always proposes optimized routes.

For the obstacle recognition a combination of three sensors is used: Laser + ToF + Infrared. The result is quite accurate with medium-sized objects such as shoes and soft toys but struggles to recognize small and low objects such as socks and cables.

Overall, it performs well in most situations where it can avoid ordinary obstacles, especially considering that even in products with 3D recognition, the accuracy is still approximate.


Roidmi Eva uses a generous 5.200 mAh battery which allows it to manage the considerable power and the washing function without worrying about autonomy. The manufacturer declares a maximum autonomy of 120 minutes or 180mXNUMX but these are values ​​calculated under optimal conditions.

In my tests of suction (standard power) and simultaneous washing, the robot covered an area of ​​80m75 in XNUMX minutes, returning to the base with the 46% battery remaining, therefore very close to the declared values. In any case, if the battery drops below 20%, the robot will return to the base to recharge and resume cleaning from where it left off.

Although the autonomy is considerable, you must always take into account the frequent returns to the base to wash the mops and this inevitably affects the autonomy. If you have the opportunity, choose a location that is central to the house.

Roidmi application

Like any self-respecting robot, the Roidmi Eva is also accompanied by an application, available for both Android is Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),, for the management and programming of the functions. It is also available as a plugin for the app Xiaomi Home.

The app is completely similar to that of the Dreamer e Roborock in fact together with them it is among the best available on the market.

The map is already generated at the first start in which the rooms will also be detected, which however can be modified (joined or separated) as needed. It is also possible to create multiple maps in case you have a multi-story house.

The functions are many and well organized. We can start the room cleaning, zones or a single area. We can decide the sequence of the rooms in advance or let the robot optimize the route.

We can create prohibition zones and walls for the robot or areas it should not enter when the mops are fitted.

We can schedule daily cleaning choosing a time when we are usually away from home, also choosing specific rooms and cleaning methods.

Roidmi Eva – Conclusions and Offer

Roidmi Eva is a cool robot that offers much more than the classic products you may have seen or tried.

The classic suction and navigation functions are above average and up to Roidmi quality. Floor washing is finally worthy of the name, thanks to its rotating mops that offer performance unattainable by the classic static mops that are dragged.

The self-emptying base is a "holy hand" because it makes the robot almost completely self-sufficient. Especially for rotating cloths, which are comfortable but need to be cleaned frequently and it is essential to have a base like this one.

The impressive thing about this product is the price. Roidmi Eva comes sold by GeekMall for €565 (using the XiaomitodayEVA discount code) which is the price with which it is only possible to buy a "normal" self-draining robot and washing with a static cloth. This makes it a real best-buy!

Certainly on the market it is possible to find alternatives with some more functions such as obstacle detection and cloths that lift up as in the Dreame L10S Ultra o Deebot X1 Omni but you'll have to be prepared to pay almost double.

Roidmi EVA base cleaning robot (white)
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
€699 €850,74
⚠️ If the coupon has expired, look for the updated one on ours Telegram Channel

On offer on Amazon

13 new from 716,98 €
2 used starting at € 474,98
to April 18, 2024 15:32
Last updated on April 18, 2024 15:32
8.8 Total score
Roids Eva

Roidmi Eva is a new generation robot that not only vacuums very well but washes floors like a real mop. The self-draining base is a real plus which makes it autonomous in all its functions.

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