ROIDMI F8 LITE: the most ECONOMIC of the ROIDMI vacuum cleaners

Roidmi after presenting NEX, an improved version of F8, proposes this Lite version with basic equipment and a very attractive launch price.

ROIDMI F8 LITE - Unboxing

The equipment is essential: in fact, inside the sales package, besides the central unit, there is the aluminum extension tube; the main brush with a single bivalent roller (hard floors and carpets); a spout to which is applied also small brush with soft bristles; replacement HEPA filter; power supply with European plug; magnetic wall support; manuals and accessories for filter cleaning.

ROIDMI F8 LITE - Features

The body of this F8 Lite is a real feather: alone 1,3g of weight, almost unique in its kind. The type engine brushless engine performs well 80.000rpm with a suction capacity of 17.000pa, sufficient for most uses but around 20% less than the larger models and which often pushes the user to use the cyclone function using the appropriate button on the back of the handle. A fundamental element for lowering the weight is the adoption of a battery that allows an autonomy of only 40 minutes to the standard power that drastically decreases to less than 10 in case of use at maximum power. The main brush for use in the electric broom mode has a rotating roller that facilitates the suction action but lacks the led light typical of the upper range Roidmi models. Furthermore, unlike the other models, it does not have a Bluetooth connection to connect to the Xiaomi Home app.

ROIDMI F8 LITE - User experience

The first thing that strikes us about this F8 Lite in everyday use is its ease of use given the ergonomics of its shapes and the very low weight. It is especially appreciated when held in the hand, perhaps to clean the top parts or the interior of the machine. The main brush roller designed to adapt to all types of surfaces is quite effective and above all comfortable when cleaning environments where there are many carpets without having to change the roller. The system that keeps the vacuum cleaner in a vertical position by means of a magnetic base is simple but effective and has a recess where the power cable is inserted and always kept within reach.

ROIDMI F8 LITE - Conclusions

I believe that Xiaomi in this version of F8 gives a double meaning to the term "Lite" which suggests that it is light weight but also that it is a simplified version of the previous version. The compactness, lightness and limited number of accessories make this F8 Lite an essential vacuum cleaner set for all people who have a limited budget and prefer a rational and poco bulky. Unfortunately, the lightening operation made by Xiaomi in this model also affected the suction power, slightly subdued compared to the other Roidmi models, but which in fact still makes it effective in everyday use.

ROIDMI F8 LITE - Offers and Discounts

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