REVIEW Roidmi NEX - the wireless vacuum cleaner of the Xiaomi ecosystem

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Roidmi NEX is the successor of F8 with a more powerful engine, a few small improvements and above all an absolute novelty: the washing module!

ROIDMI - Unboxing

Extremely complete set of accessories: in addition to the central unit there is an aluminum extension tube, the main brush with a roller for hard floors and one for carpets; specific brush for mattresses and fabric surfaces; flexible hose with spout; multi-purpose brush with bristles; floor washing module with two microfibre cloths and spare nozzles; power supply with magnetic wall support.

ROIDMI NEX - Features

The type engine brushless engine it is extremely powerful with a suction capacity of well 23.500pa divided into three power levels. The battery from 2500mAh it allows a variable autonomy from about one hour to about ten minutes according to the selected suction level. Recharging takes place through a power supply with jack plugged directly into the motor body or through the magnetic wall support as through a contact on the handle of the vacuum cleaner it allows recharging while it is leaning against the wall avoiding connecting the cable as needed. During the cleaning phases it is possible to monitor the status of the residual charge thanks to 4 status LEDs. All the accessories are useful and I found the brush for cleaning carpets and fabrics particularly effective, which I used a lot on beds and sofas. But as expected the most interesting aspect is the use in electric broom mode; the main brush has a motorized roller which facilitates the motor's task in conveying dust and residues into the tray. There is also an LED light that turns on automatically when there is poor lighting such as under the beds or in general in the most confined places of the house. But the real innovation is given by washing module

: just fill the tank with soap and water, connect a cloth with Velcro and hook it to the main brush thanks to a magnet.

ROIDMI NEX - Experience of use

The cleaning operations are easy in all conditions thanks to the wide range of accessories and the surprising engine power. In a single pass you can vacuum and wash the floor or leave the latter aspect when needed, perhaps just under the kitchen table when you finish eating. The washing module can always be kept ready as the augers are activated by exerting pressure towards the floor and above all thanks to the magnetic system it hooks and unhooks from the main brush in an instant

ROIDMI NEX - Conclusions

NEX is the top of the range of the Roidmi series capable of vacuuming the whole house with great power. The washing module can be easily connected to act on lightly soiled conditions or to facilitate cleaning by retaining any traces of dust escaped during the suction phase. Improved compared to the past the wall anchoring system that integrates the battery recharge but still remains a little poco stable. Missing a system or a small bag to store all the accessories

ROIDMI NEX - Offers and Coupons

ROIDMI NEX 2 Cordless Stick Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
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1 year ago

Mam ten odkurzacz (roidmi nex), niestety po tygodniu działania rozleciał się silnik. Ogólnie był fajny, przez tydzień… Problem z częściami. Czekam na części z chin od producenta, ale strasznie długo to trwa i musiałem dopłacić 50 dolców za przesyłkę do mnie. - ​​The Italian community for Xiaomi products