Samsung raises the bar of image quality with ISOCELL 2.0

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Samsung, after presenting the new sensor a few days ago ISOCELL GN2 50 megapixel, today announced the technology ISOCELL 2.0. The Korean company has always been committed to creating quality displays but also photographic sensors. However, he does not only engage in the physical construction of optics, but also in implementing algorithms and technologies that improve image quality. This is the case today. Let's go and see all the details of this new technology just announced.

This is how the ISOCELL 2.0 technology just announced by Samsung works: the image quality is getting closer and closer to that of the human eye

Samsung has been using the ISOCELL technology in the sensors of mobile cameras. Thanks to this technology, light transmission and color shift between pixels are drastically eliminated. Here, the new version ISOCELL 2.0, obviously, turn up therod of the image quality. The company now uses a more reflective separation material between the pixels, improving color accuracy further. 

The tech giant says that while sandblasting is reduced with the new metal mesh, more vivid colors are offered and the new system also brings the optical losses as low as possible. Samsung has basically developed this new technology for its new ultra-high resolution sensors. As we said some time ago, the 200 megapixel cameras will arrive soon and they probably will basedcome on ISOCELL 2.0.

We won't have to wait too long for the first smartphone sensors with ISOCELL 2.0 technology as well, as Samsung has previously confirmed that several 0.7 micron optics announced in late 2020 would offer the technology.

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