Unlock Bootloader Xiaomi: Attention to waiting times!

Let's face it, one of the things we appreciate most about ours Xiaomi is the possibility of unlock the devices to install with relative simplicity ROM custom e optimized and localized versions of MIUI even on devices not yet officially distributed in Italy. To do this we need the unlocking the bootloader. But be careful!

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About 2 weeks ago I received the brand new one Xiaomi Mi9 (see the review) and after a couple of days I entered mine MI account to be able to unlock the bootloader.

Unfortunately, as many of us will know, Xiaomi has for some time inserted a countdown that can go from 15days (as in my case) to various meals.

Essentially, after having registered account and the unlocking procedure in the Developer Settings il We Unlock will tell us the following:

Not much can be done, we will have to wait for these 360 hours (15 days).

In the meantime we can use the device without problems and, from time to time, we can try to unlock it just to check how many days remain until the X hour and hope for a Xiaomi gift that allows us to unlock before ... sometimes it happens.

But there is one thing you absolutely must not do in the meantime!


I learned it at my expense.

This morning I arrived at 96 hours from the release (4 days) ... ehmmm yes ... check every morning even if it would be enough for me to do yesterday's calculation -24 ... 🙂

I go on Xiaomi.eu and .. WOOOO ... has just been released xiaomi.eu_multi_MI9_9.3.14_v10-9 !!! The first EU DEVELOPER for Mi9!

But then I can't wait for other 4 days to try it! And taken by an incredible raptus I disconnect my Xiaomi account from the Mi9 and I start to try all the accounts in my possession .. that of my wife, the dog, the cat, etc.

Nothing, all accounts tell me "360 missing hours".

Resigned I re-enter mine and try again.


Naively I thought the countdown was stored on Xiaomi's servers and re-entering my account I would start from where I left off.

MISTAKE! Each time the account is reconnected the countdown starts over again.

Now I find myself with the EU released and other 15 days of nerve-racking waiting before I can unlock the device.

Many of you will tell me "And good fool!"(True Simo?) Or"But everyone knew it!"Or something less diplomatic ... I deserve it.

But this article is for those who, like me, in ignorance are tempted to let themselves be guided by the monkey.


See you again 15 days! …perhaps… :'(

Last update was on: 18 March 2019 17: 04
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Hi, I also bootloader pending unblocking.
I wanted to ask one thing: is there already a working TWRP to flash?

Ludovico the stone
not ready yet
Ludovico the stone

There is the .eu but there is no twrp to put it ... So quiet ...

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