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Technical data sheet of a new Huawei network trap. Is the P9 Max?

Only a few days have passed since Huawei officially presented its latest top-of-the-line processor, theHiSilicon's 950, chip that we will find very soon on Huawei Mate 8 and, judging by the latest rumors, even on another terminal. Which? Find out in this article!

Not bad for this Huawei P9 Max!

In the last hours some leaked images have leaked onto the net that seem to report the technical specifications of an alleged new terminal Huawei by the code name P950S. Let's comment together!

P9 Max

As you can see this terminal will be equipped with the recent processor Kirin 950 octa core a 64 bit, with the video card Mali T880, with 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal memory, Android 6.0 Marshmallow and a mighty screen from 6.2 inches in resolution 2k. By reading this technical sheet you could very well also think that this terminal is actually it Huawei Mate 8 Expected for the 26 November but that code name and display make us think of something else.

You may very well notice that name too P950S yes, it refers to the promising processor Kirin 950, but also to the highly successful line of devices in the line P, the current top-of-the-range series from the Chinese manufacturer whose flagship is, for the moment, the Huawei P8 e P8 Max. The mysterious device of which the technical sheet speaks therefore could very well be a smartphone of the future line P9 and, given the generous dimensions of the display, it could be in particular the P9 Max. What do you think?

P9 Max

Together with the above technical data sheet, another leaked image of a mysterious device characterized by the presence of one was leaked dual rear camera. We do not know to what extent this image can be considered reliable, but even this could be relative to the P9 Max of which we have spoken so far.

Let's see how the situation will evolve, stay connected for future updates!


Article Technical data sheet of a new Huawei network trap. Is the P9 Max? seems to be the first of

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