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Find out if you bought a Xiaomi clone with a click!

Against the proliferation of clones, last but not least,HMI H3, Xiaomi officially released in Beta version a new app able to identify the originality of your device.

"Xiaomi Identification“, This is the literal translation of the name of the application - 小米 鉴定 -, will easily be able to tell you if your Xiaomi device is fake or not. Currently the models included are: Xiaomi Mi One, Mi2, Mi3, Xiaomi Redmi, Redmi 1S and also Redmi Note. The Xiaomi Mi TVs and the new Xiaomi Mi4 are not planned!

Xiaomi identification

Download: Find out if you have purchased a Xiaomi clone with one click!

Currently still in the Beta phase, "Xiaomi Identification" should exploit a system developed by the company, which, interfacing with some Antutu functions, will be able to return the result: is it a clone or not? Still in Chinese, the app weighs 909Kb and can already be downloaded at the following address:



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