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Short presentation of Xiaomi tablet?

According to some corridor items coming directly from Reuters, Xiaomi is about to present the much-anticipated tablet, a device that has been so talked about in the past

The manufacturer announced a few days ago to have organized an event in Beijing, scheduled for May 15, but did not provide any anticipations on the motivation.

Some users have speculated that it could be the presentation of the MIUI V6 ROM, accompanied by the highly anticipated Mi3S and the MiPad tablet. Xiaomi has managed in these few years to expand beyond the borders of the Chinese market, gradually gaining positions in international markets.

Xiaomi MI2s

With the expansion that the company is having, soon we could really see a top-of-the-range tablet from Xiaomi. Xiaomi, let's remember, has only been on the market for 4 years, but it has already reached the third place as a manufacturer of mobile devices in China, even beating Apple.

With the Hongmi and Redmi series, the company has invaded the market of low-cost devices, and after having monopolized the range of top gamers, it seems willing to propose a tablet that can complete the product offering, so further strengthen the market share gained so far.

The hypothetical specs refer to the adoption of a 7,9 inch display with 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution at a price of around 120 euro, ie features and price that would sweep away the iPad's iPad competition.

In fact, in all honesty, if the Xiaomi tablet should be just so it would be difficult to find someone who can opt for the Apple device.

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