Shunzao L1 is a very light cordless vacuum cleaner and costs only 109 €

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Shunzao, Xiaomi's eco-technological chain, was born in 2019 and is a company that deals with developing new technologies for cleaning with suction systems, such as vacuum cleaners and robots. So let's talk today about their new product or lo Shunzao L1.

The box is really reduced to a minimum because all the components are perfectly packaged, the brand with the polar bear imprinted on each element immediately catches the eye.

The box contains:

  • The body of the electric broom
  • The extension tube
  • Two motorized brushes, (one large for all surfaces and a smaller one for carpets and fabrics)
  • Two corner cleaning nozzles (one with bristles)
  • The charger,
  • The instruction manual
  • The wall hook, which is really a nice thought to save space as it is magnetic!
shunzao L1 accessories

The Shunzao L1 is a very light vacuum cleaner

As soon as I took this electric broom out of the box, I was absolutely amazed by its lightness, I even went so far as to check around to see if the battery was fitted or not, and to my surprise, I found that it was already inside its engine compartment that incredibly it weighs only 1.15kg.

I also saw that the battery is not removable but it is not a problem because it has a charge of just 5 hours.

Its duration is 60 minutes at minimum power and 10 at maximum power, it has only two selectable powers but this is not a problem.

shunzao L1 logo

Another great note of merit goes to great silence of this product which has been designed to contain the noise which in fact does not exceed 76 dB even at maximum power!

The ergonomic handle is really comfortable and does not escape the grip during cleaning; on the handle itself there is a led indicator with three really simple and intuitive lights (three lights maximum load, two 50% load, 3 almost unloaded), moreover, within a thumb's reach at the top of the handle of the handle itself, we find two buttons, one that allows us to adjust the power, the other instead, to block the suction in continuous mode, thus not having to keep pressing the trigger forcing your hand.

I was also really fascinated by the maneuverability of the large brush, when it is on the ground, just flick your wrist to make it change orientation!

It is simply FABULOUS, in the brooms tested so far, no one had ever reached such a level of mobility!

An engine that amazes beyond the numbers

The Shunzao L1 has a 120.000rpm brushless motor with a suction power of 105 aW and a pressure of 20'000 Pa, and to read them as well as numbers, you can think of having a machine in front of you. poco powerful ... Instead I'll tell you more, on the field it absolutely does not look bad even compared to much more noble electric brooms because the 20K Pa make their figure and make up for the lack of power with a truly but truly remarkable aspiration.

Even the emptying is really simple and intuitive, in fact we find on the side of the dirt tank, a button that you just need to press to open the bottom, thus dropping all the debris and dust collected on the ground (small mole, the emptying button is very delicate, so you have to be careful not to press it by mistake).

The tank, like all parts of the vacuum cleaner, are removable and washable.

It has a 5-stage filtration system that captures even the smallest particles (up to 99,5%).

We are therefore faced with an electric broom that fully assembled weighs just 3kg, with a very low noise (I was able to pass it while my son was sleeping without disturbing him at all), a fast recharge, an ease of use and movement that is incredible.

A big applause for a great product!

The Shunzao L1 is on offer at € 109 on Amazon

Among the great advantages of this product I cannot fail to take into account the incredible price with which it is sold. Normally the Shunzao L1 is available at 159/179 € which is a very competitive price compared to other similar products but with less prestigious brands.

These days it is possible buy it at this link on Amazon Italito and using the TECHTODAY discount code receive a discount of 50 € for a final price of only 109 € which is a bargain.

8.6 Total score
Shunzao L1

We are therefore faced with an electric broom that fully assembled weighs just 3kg, with a very low noise (I was able to pass it while my son was sleeping without disturbing him at all), a fast recharge, an ease of use and movement that is incredible.

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