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Shunzao Z15 the versatile and powerful vacuum cleaner up to 30KPa !!

In a market really full of offers, finding your way around and taking the right opportunity, based on our needs, and buying the perfect cordless vacuum cleaner is increasingly complicated. Today I want to talk to you about what could be the ad hoc product for those who do not want to spend an exaggerated amount but at the same time obtain an excellent result in cleaning our home. There he is Shunzao Z15!

Shunzao Z15 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

216€ 599€
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The product arrives in a convenient box with a grip, easy to carry and light enough.

Shunzao Z15

The accessories supplied are really many and will allow us to clean an incredible variety of environments and objects. This is certainly also important because with a single vacuum cleaner we can do everything and "retire" all the other cleaning tools that occupy the house.

Shunzao Z15

Going into the specifics, in the package we will find:

  • Extractor body, including battery
  • Wall support (very comfortable object and that few brands pack)
  • Charger with Italian plug (so no need for various adapters)
  • Floor brush
  • Nozzle for crevices
  • Brush for animal hair
  • Brush for mites
  • Brush for crumbs, cars, pc keyboards, etc.


Let's start with the main brush or the one for cleaning floors (all types) and carpets

This is the main brush that you can use for all types of floors in the house, from ceramic to parquet to finish with carpets. Any hair that gets stuck will automatically be cut and vacuumed, so don't worry about this problem. As for ordinary cleaning, it will be sufficient to unlock the roller stop through the appropriate slot (use a coin) and at this point slide the brush block out to clean it. This is an operation to be done only when you will see a lot of dirt on the roller

We then find a convenient nozzle for crevices, perfect for reaching all points here where we will not reach with any other accessory. I use it to clean the machine, the most inaccessible parts of the kitchen, between furniture, etc.

Then we find the ideal brush to clean animal hair. The upper and lower part is characterized by a velcro-type part to which the hairs will attach and will then be sucked up. A must for those who live with their gane / cat at home. Since using this I have finally abandoned all those useless tools bought and never used (as they collected a hair in 10).

Another essential accessory is the anti-mite electric brush, perfect for cleaning areas that we use every day, probably full of mites but which we do not think about, such as mattresses, sofas, armchairs, blankets, etc.

Also this brush, like the one for the floors, can be cleaned if necessary. It will be enough, with the same method of the coin, to unlock it, remove the roller and wash it with running water. Then leave it upright for at least 24 hours in a place where it can dry.

Finally we also find a brush for cleaning the dust. This is perfect for cleaning pc keyboards, curtains, coffee tables, car seats and trunk, etc.

Do not forget the importance of the wall bracket that will allow us to fix our vacuum cleaner in a dedicated place where we will also leave it in charge. In fact, we find a slot (below) from which we will pass the power cable that will fit and connect perfectly when we attach our Shunzao Z15


Assembly is really simple, you just need to connect the camera body with the chosen accessory. If you have to vacuum the floor, which is certainly the most used operation, you will also have to connect the long main hose and to this the floor brush. The connection is "forced" in fact you will find on one side a female socket and on the other 2/3 male pins. To remove the brush / tube instead, simply unlock, pulling it, the stop and pull the accessory away. More complicated to say than to do.

Shunzao Z15

Once assembled we will be ready to use it!


The convenient display will give us the information necessary for optimal use of the vacuum cleaner. By default, when we turn it on using the button that we find in the handle of the machine body, it will vacuum in standard mode and in a "non-continuous" mode. What does "not continuous" mean? That to make the vacuum cleaner work we will have to press and hold the button. Each time we release it it will turn off. On the display we find 2 keys that will allow us to change the suction mode and work mode. By clicking on the button with the two squares we will switch from non-continuous to continuous mode. In this latter it will be sufficient to press the start button only once and even releasing it the vacuum cleaner will work. To turn it off, press the button again.

As far as the suction power is concerned, it can be changed by pressing the button with the two arrows, and in sequence you will pass from the mode: ECO - STANDARD - TURBO. Autonomy will of course be affected by the suction power. In the standard mode, the most used one, we will have an autonomy of about 45 minutes. This key also allows us to set the language of use, just hold it down for 3 seconds to enter the language menu and from there, if necessary, change it.

Shunzao Z15

When turned on, the display will also show the charge level with a green circle (charge greater than 20%) and red (charge less than 20%), the type of suction mode in use and any "continuous" mode

Shunzao Z15


Emptying the tank is a recommended operation every time we use it, in order to guarantee the optimal functioning of our vacuum cleaner. To open it, simply press the dedicated key found under the display. But be careful that as soon as you press it, the lid underneath will open and all the dust will start to come out. Here, this is a sore point .. there is no further release for the lid which I think would have been very useful in order not to risk dropping the dust on the camera body. In fact, at the first "click" of the aforementioned button, you will find yourself with the tank raised and open but still connected to the machine body:

To completely remove the tank you will have to make a slight clockwise turn (find the notches for the correct position on it) and at this point you can remove it. This will make it much easier to clean. For a thorough cleaning it is also possible to disassemble it in all its parts, simply by removing them, and wash them with running water. The important thing is to let them dry for at least 24 hours.


In the tests I carried out I must say that the cleaning is really well done. Both using the floor brush and the mite brush I found a significant amount of dust and hair that I could not see with the naked eye. Particularly impressive is the fine dust that he collected from the mattress and some blankets I had around the house. The articulation of the floor brush is really excellent, I was able to cover areas that I could not reach with other similar vacuum cleaners. The overall lightness combined with the continuous mode make everything really easy, poco physical exertion and this is not a thing of poco especially if you have surfaces to clean over 70m2. Also excellent is the possibility and the ability to clean under beds and furniture, as we can practically flatten it up to almost 180 °. The use of the brush for animal hair is also very good, which also amazed me for the quantity of removed material of which I had no idea of ​​its presence (it may also be because my beloved cat is black). Also satisfied with the cleaning done in the car, thanks to the crevice nozzle and the anti-mite brush that refurbished the seats. Simply put, the incredible 30KPa power developed by our Shunzao Z15 really makes itself felt!

If you want to proceed with the purchase, here you will find the link with an incredible discount code that will allow you to take it home with a 55% discount on the list price, and considering that it is a new product it is truly an unmissable offer. We thank Banggood for sending the sample and we remind you that all purchases you make with our partner site are covered by a 12-month warranty, delivery in about 5 working days when the products are shipped from European warehouses (as in this case) and you can pay via PayPal

Shunzao Z15 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

216€ 599€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
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