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Here are the smartphones with the best price-specification ratio divided by price ranges (March 2023)

After seeing the most powerful smartphones in February, now let's see which are the smartphones with the best price-specific ratio. Let's see the different rankings divided by price ranges!

Here are the smartphones with the best price-specification ratio divided by price ranges (March 2023)

Let's start with the first price range which includes devices costing up to 1999 yuan (270 euros).

First place: Redmi Note 11T Pro+ 8+128GB

Average AnTuTu score: 794123
Price spec ratio: 441,4
Price: 1799 yuan

Redmi Note 11t Pro
Redmi Note 11t Pro

Second place: Redmi Note 11T Pro 6+128GB

Average AnTuTu score: 787143
Price spec ratio: 437,5
Price: 1599 yuan

Third place: Redmi K60E 8+128GB

Average Score: 848642
Price spec ratio: 424,5
Price: 1999 yuan

The three Redmi mobile phones in the 0-1999 yuan price range won the top three of the list. The Note11T Pro series is still the one with the Dimension 8100 processor with the lowest official starting price. Both Pro and Pro+ come highly recommended. As for which one to choose, it depends on whether you care about fast charging or not.

The third is the Redmi K60E with the Dimensity 8200 processor, the price is naturally higher, but the design is also improved and there is a flat screen with 2K resolution.

Models in the 0-1999 yuan price range also include OnePlus Ace Racing Edition version 8+256GB (1999 yuan), Honor X40 GT version 8+256GB (1969 yuan), OPPO K10 5G version 8+128GB (1999 yuan), iQOO Neo6 SE 8+128GB (1999 yuan) version, iQOO Z6 8+128GB (1699 yuan) version, realme 10 Pro+ 8+128GB (1599 yuan) version, Redmi Note 12 5G 6+128GB (1249 yuan) version.

Moving on to the higher price range, the 2000-2999 yuan one (between 270 euros and 410 euros)

First place: Lenovo Legion Y70 8+128GB

Average Score: 1081702
Price spec ratio: 432,9
Price: 2499 yuan

Lenovo Legion Y70
Lenovo Legion Y70

Second place: Redmi K60 8+128GB

Average Score: 1064585
Price spec ratio: 426,0
Price: 2499 yuan

Third place: realme GT Neo5 8+256GB

Average Score: 1059792
Price spec ratio: 407,8
Price: 2599 yuan

The latest smartphone in the list to see the sunlight i.e. the realme GT Neo5 in the 8 + 256GB version took the third place with a price-performance ratio of 407,8 and an average score of 1059792. The chip Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and the 1,5K resolution flat screen are very affordable when sold at 2599 yuan (350 euros), in addition, this smartphone also has a 240W fast charging version with 16 + 1TB storage options.

The top ten models in this price range also include iQOO Neo7 SE version 8+128GB (2099 yuan), OnePlus Ace 2 version 12+256GB (2799 yuan), Redmi K50 Extreme Edition version 8+128GB (2699 yuan), iQOO Neo7 Racing Edition version 8+256GB (2799 yuan), Redmi K50 version 8+128GB (2099 yuan), realme GT Neo 3 version 12+256GB (2199 yuan), and OPPO K10 Pro 5G version 8+256GB (2298 yuan).

Now let's go and see the smartphones on sale in China with a price of 3000-3999 yuan (410-540 euros)

First place: Redmi K60 Pro 8+128GB

Average Score: 1220286
Price spec ratio: 369,9
Price: 3299 yuan

Redmi K60 Pro
Redmi K60 Pro

Second place: realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition 8+256GB

Average Score: 1062363
Price spec ratio: 332,1
Price: 3199 yuan

Third place: OnePlus 11 12+256GB

Average Score: 1289181
Price spec ratio: 322,4
Price: 3999 yuan

In this ranking we see the OnePlus 11 which has already won the ranking of the most powerful smartphones on the market. It is a smartphone with high performance thanks to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and which comes with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory for the price of 3999 yuan (540 euros).

The top ten models in this price range include the Honor 80 GT version 12+256GB (3299 yuan), OnePlus Ace Pro version 12+256GB (3499 yuan), Mi 13 version 8+128GB (3999 yuan), iQOO 10 12 + 512GB (3628 yuan), vivo X90 version 8+256GB (3999 yuan), iQOO Neo6 version 12+256GB (3299 yuan), and Honor 80 Pro version 8+256GB (3499 yuan).

Then we have the price range 4000-4999 yuan (540-680 euros)

First place: iQOO 11 8+256GB

Average Score: 1264930
Price spec ratio: 308,6
Price: 4099 yuan

Article 11
Article 11

Second place: iQOO 11 Pro 8+256GB

Average Score: 1268055
Price spec ratio: 253.7
Price: 4999 yuan

Third place: Xiaomi 13 Pro 8+128GB

Average Score: 1227092
Price spec ratio: 245.5
Price: 4999 yuan

The first three phones are the same as last month and the order hasn't changed. iQOO 11, iQOO 11 Pro and Xiaomi 13 Pro are still the three most affordable phones in the 4000-4999 price range. The gap between iQOO11 and iQOO11 Pro and the performance is identical, so the choice falls on whether you like the flat screen or the curved screen.

The top ten models in this price range include the Xiaomi 12S Pro version 8+128GB (4399 yuan), OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity version 12+256GB (4499 yuan), Huawei Mate 50 version 8+128GB (4799 yuan), Honor Magic4 Pro 8+256GB (4999 yuan), Huawei P50 Pro 8+256GB (4988 yuan) version.

Finally, we have the price range above 5000 yuan (680 euros).

First place: Red Magic 8 Pro+ 12+256GB

Red Magic 8 Pro+
Red Magic 8 Pro+

Average Score: 1297657
Price spec ratio: 240,4
Price: 5399 yuan

Second place: vivo X90 Pro 12+256GB

Average Score: 1191731
Price spec ratio: 216,7
Price: 5499 yuan

Third place: vivo X90 Pro+ 12+256GB

Average Score: 1277367
Price spec ratio: 196,5
Price: 6499 yuan

The price range above 5000 yuan is a special case. Not having a price limit, it relies heavily on personal preference. So are you willing to spend an extra point on AnTuTu?

In any case, in this list the Red Magic 8 Pro+ 12+256GB ranks first, followed by the live X90 Pro 12+256GB and the live X90 Pro+ 12+256GB which closes the podium.

The other models in this range include the iQOO 10 Pro version 12+256GB (5499 yuan), OPPO Find X5 Pro version 8+256GB (5199 yuan), vivo X80 Pro version 12+256GB (5999 yuan), Xiaomi 12S Ultra 12 +256GB (6499 yuan), Huawei Mate 50 Pro 8+256GB version (6499 yuan), Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 12+256GB (9699 yuan), Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 12+512GB version (9499 yuan).

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