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Poll MIUI.IT: Which shop would you recommend to a friend?

For some time the well-known portal MIUI.IT is doing a survey to know what different users of various online stores think.
As you know, there is no official shop outside of China and Singapore. So we poor Italians have to buy directly from China or use some Italian importer.

With great pleasure, wandering around the MIUI.IT forum (point of reference for all MIUI users), I noticed that was added, on the recommendation of some users, to the shop list.


The results, however, have gone far beyond my most rosy expectations.
I would have expected a sort of "draw" with other importers, but I would never have expected to be in the background as iBuygou.

Here are the results to date of the survey:


Here is the link to the poll:

We remind everyone that is not an online store and, who buys through the portal, is actually buying from the partners participating in the Smartylife project. For this reason, the name of our main partner was added alongside the name "Sm @ rty": Nitro International.

These partners, prior to being advertised on the site, are tested by us for a long time to give our users the best service.

If you have had a shopping experience from any of our partners (Nitro, TOP One, Floshmall) to you mean yours... it is good to accept.

via | Sm @ rty

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

Blogger, but above all passionate about technology. I am part of a generation that has passed from the cathode ray tube to smartphones, making me witness to an unprecedented technological evolution. From 2012 I assiduously follow the Xiaomi brand that with the conveyance of various projects led me to realize, the home of all the Italian Xiaomisti. Write me: [email protected]


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