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SoundPeats CyberGear – Even gaming has its own TWS headphones

After the TWS headphones market has chased the unmistakable style of Apple's AirPods for years, solutions are finally arriving on the market that are appreciated not only for their design but also for a series of unique features, such as the new SoundPeats CyberGear. In fact, these earphones stand out and are preconfigured for all gaming lovers, promising very low latency, sublime audio quality and above all a trendy design.


The sales package already foreshadows the character of these TWS headphones, even if inside we find the classic equipment, which includes a multilingual user manual, including Italian, the USB Type-C charging cable, rubber replacement to adapt the fit of the headphones to the ear as well as of course the charging case of our TWS headphones.

The cup is undoubtedly the calling card of the CyberGear SoundPeats, presenting itself with a trendy style reminiscent of CyberPunk, the well-known video game from which these earphones are inspired. In fact, along the entire perimeter of the case but also on the lid, we find RGB LEDs that give light effects typical of the punk atmosphere of the game just mentioned. Even the shape of the cup is not the classic we are used to, as it is distinguished by angular features with industrial lines, perhaps not comfortable to keep in your pocket but this is not the location you will give these headphones, because the beauty of the RGB LEDs all must be shown. The weight of the earphones is about 4,2 grams and although the shape of the same is of the in-ear type, these are comfortable to wear even for long gaming sessions. The lid has a magnetic closure and integrates the hall sensor for a quick coupling of the Bluetooth signal with the smartphone, while the general construction is really high quality.

On the right side we find the Type-C input for recharging the cup, which integrates a 470 mAh battery, which is recharged in about 2 hours allowing the integrated headphones to be charged 3 times, effectively obtaining a duration of use total of 26 hours, considering the tiny battery integrated in the 40 mAh earphones which with a single charge pushes the autonomy of the CyberGear SoundPeats to 6,5 hours. Absent fast charging and wireless charging.

By opening the lid we access the earphones, housed in their seat by means of small magnets. We then find a button, which is used to adjust the light effects of the case, ranging between 3 different modes as well as the possibility of turning off the LEDs to preserve battery. The earphones also have a purple LED, circular in shape, which can only be turned off using the companion app.

As anticipated, the CyberGear SoundPeats show themselves with the classic stick design with in-ear type drivers, where we also find the presence of 2 microphones on a single headset, as these can also be used independently. There is no proximity sensor for automatic play / pause but we have a touch surface that always responds quickly to touch, with complete commands. In fact, we can play / pause, skip the track forward or backward, manage the volume, call up the voice assistant, activate / deactivate the game mode as well as manage calls, with answer, hook and rejection.

Furthermore, the 10 mm driver has a rather full shape, thus effectively filling the available space, stabilizing the earphones inside our duct, making their positioning firm even in particular conditions such as running, etc.. We also have IPX4 certification is available. The in-ear design guarantees good isolation from the environment that surrounds us and the excellent microphones allow our voice to be captured with good quality, isolating it from the context that surrounds us, even in particularly noisy conditions, where our interlocutor will hear ours well. voice.

As far as listening to music and/or videos is concerned, the CyberGears are excellent, offering a sound characterized by all the nuances of the sound spectrum made available, without leaning towards particular imbalances towards medium/high and low tones. Moreover, through the companion app we can adjust the sound according to certain scenarios, thus optimizing the quality in genres such as jazz, pop, rock, etc. Zero lag is also guaranteed for streaming content thanks to the presence of a Bluetooth 5.3 with latency of only 45 ms in game mode, making it ideal for shooters and action games in general. In fact, the Bluetooth chip is accompanied by MEGA-S technology which improves the management of low and high frequencies. Another function that we do not find generically on cheap headphones is the Multipoint function, allowing the CyberGear SoundPeats to connect to two devices at the same time, managing for example calls from the smartphone, while we are playing on the console.

To complete the already excellent qualitative picture of the SoundPeats headphones is the presence of the homonymous application, available for both iOS and Android, from which we could, for example, update the firmware, activate/deactivate the circular LED of the headphones, disable the touch (useful in play area) and much more.



Can I recommend them to you with my eyes closed? Of course yes, also because of the price. In fact, you can find the CyberGear SoundPeats directly on Amazon with Prime shipping at a price of €52,68, by redeeming the coupon directly from the purchase page. At this price you take home a gadget that is certainly interesting for the CyberPunk gaming atmosphere, but above all you have headphones that have such a poor latency that you can finally play freely, without getting tangled in the cables of traditional headphones. Also excellent are the microphones, not only for calls, but also for online multiplayer game conversations, not to mention listening to music, perfect for any genre. They are therefore also good for their compact size, excellent wearability, the possibility of using touch controls and general autonomy.

Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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