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Spotify announces DJ, the AI ​​assistant that communicates with ChatGPT

2023 is the year of Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to the extensive use of Chat GPT we have come to know her, to use it and to live with it. It was only a matter of time before AI also reached another sector: that of music. And who, if not Spotify, could use this technology. We therefore welcome a Spotify DJs.

Spotify DJ winks at artificial intelligence: here is the assistant that helps us to personalize the music we listen to more and more

Spotify DJ is an AI-powered tool that according to words of the developers themselves it knows you and your musical tastes so well, it can choose what to play for you. But what does dj do? Check out our frequent views and newer, even our current and older favorite favorites, analyzes them and the magic happens: here a selection of music specially designed for our current mood and tastes. Doing a thorough review, Spotify DJ might as well dust off a song we haven't heard in a long time, but that fits perfectly with what we're hearing today.

But what's the really cool thing about DJ? That being an artificial intelligence, we can train her more and more. Training the AI ​​usually starts with an initial dataset, known as a "training set," which is used to initially improve the model. In Spotify's case, the songs we listen to are the material it will learn from. Once the model has been trained, it can be used to process new data and make predictions about it.

If DJ presents us with a selection of songs or playlists that we don't like, we'll have to tell him and he'll swap it for another one. As we use this tool, its AI based algorithm he will learn what we like and what we don't gradually improving his recommendations.  Spotify DJs it is based on the OpenAI model, so imagine the incredible power and accuracy it can have. Additionally, its knowledge base was provided by Spotify-hired experts who are knowledgeable about dozens of music genres and culture. By the way, it seems that the assistant DJ can also talk to us during playback.

How to activate and use Spotify DJ?

Spotify DJ is currently only available in the beta version of the app. Also, you have to be a premium user and be in the United States or Canada. In any case, we already know how to activate and use Spotify DJ.

  1. we display our music feed on the Spotify welcome screen (on mobile app)
  2. we look for the DJ board
  3. press on "Play" And that's it


Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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