Spotify on Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is reality

Xiaomi seems to have become a leader also in the field of household appliances, above all if they have a smart soul, like the whole series of vacuum cleaners that in two years have begun to populate the homes of users, even those geeks.

In fact, seized by the desire to "moddare", the tech enthusiast IoT, Eddie Zheng, has modified his Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum allowing him to play music directly from Spotify. Of course the audio quality leaves something to be desired considering that the speaker integrated in the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is not intended for music reproduction, but it is still interesting to see that the Chinese company succeeds in inspiring the most ingenious fantasies.

Eddie Zheng used the modified Spotyfy client (RaSpotify) and the Curl app to get SSH root access. The pioneer of the musical vacuum cleaner has also published a video in which he demonstrates the functioning of his work of art: certainly impressive but perhaps not necessary ...

Spotify on Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is reality

For the record, I also report the passages Eddie Zheng himself has published on his blog, in case someone wants to try their hand at this venture, but I warn you already that it is not really available to everyone.

apt-get install -y curl

  • Follow the tl instructions; dr to install RaSpotify: https://github.com/dtcooper/raspotify
  • Raspotify expects a system service manager but Ubuntu 14.04 uses upstart, so we will need to create our .conf upstart so that it starts and runs Librespot as a service on startup.
    I created a super simple one that you can copy below:
[Email protected]: ~ # chmod 644 /etc/init/librespot.conf

[Email protected]: ~ # cat /etc/init/librespot.conf

description "Librespot"

start on filesystem and net-device-up IFACE = wlan0

exec / usr / bin / librespot –name "rockrobo" - bitrate 320

  • With the current one you should now be able to start Librespot as a service:
service librespot start

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