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Spotify Superpremium: here is the subscription price and features

Spotify, is ready to revolutionize the way we listen to music once again. The long-awaited level of Superpremium subscription seems to be getting ever closer to launch, promising users a host of advanced features and an unrivaled audio experience. Let's see it in detail price subscription, the characteristics of this new service, comparing it with the current offers of Spotify Premium and Standard.

Spotify Superpremium details

Spotify's new Superpremium tier has been discovered thanks to the app's code, revealing it could deliver 24-bit lossless audio and the possibility of create playlists with the help of artificial intelligence. These discoveries, made by the user reddit Hypixely, confirm previous rumors that suggested the transformation of the HiFi level into “Superpremium”.

This new level seems to be Spotify's response to the growing needs for quality and customization from the most demanding users. The Superpremium level does more than just deliver a superior audio experience. Users will have access to 30 hours of audiobooks each month e will organize their music library based on mood, activity and genre, making music discovery more intuitive and personalized.

- advanced mixing tools they will allow you to customize the order of playlists based on beats per minute, enable smooth transitions between songs, and filter songs in a playlist by mood or genre. These features are designed to deliver a richer, more immersive music experience.

spotify super premium

Price and comparison with other services

The price indicated for the Superpremium level is $19.99 per month, but it could be a simple placeholder. This price, if confirmed, would represent a significant increase over the cost of the current Premium plan, set at $10.99.

In a market where services like Apple Music and Amazon Music include lossless audio in their existing plans at no additional cost, Spotify will have to convince its users that the new features are worth the higher price. In fact, according to a brief look at the prices, those of Amazon and Apple are lower.

It is clear that it is not possible to make a prediction for Spotify Superpremium in Italy and Europe. The service hasn't come out yet and probably won't within the year.

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