Blizzard on Xiaomi: the new XiaoAi Art Speaker too equal to Sonos One

Again Xiaomi it is in the spotlight for plagiarism, if we may say so. We know how the so-called "Chinese Apple”Has been repeatedly accused of copying its devices from other international brands. An example that perhaps everyone will remember is Xiaomi Mi 8 which has a very similar (but also identical) design to the iPhone X. Clearly the purists of one and the other brand will not agree but the similarity is beyond doubt. This time Xiaomi has come back to us with one of its latest products, namely lo speaker Xiaomi XiaoAi Art recently presented.

Many netizens accuse Xiaomi of copying Sonos: the two speakers of the companies are too equal so much that a partnership has been rumored (absurdly)

The new speaker will go on sale in China in three days XiaoAi Art Xiaomi. Presented a little while ago, this new speaker manifests all its roundness with a perfectly cylindrical design. It is characterized by a metal body which gives it a decidedly premium appearance compared to previous models of the same brand. Since it was presented, however, some criticisms have arisen since the design was a bit too equal to that of Sonos One, Another speaker of the renowned house for audiophiles. Below a comparison fast fast.

speaker xiaomi xiaoai art sonos

on left you clearly see the speaker Sonos Onand while on right lo Xiaomi XiaoAi Art. Well, a storm started on Weibo as users immediately noticed the too much similarity also bringing out other unpleasant episodes in which the Lei Jun brand has been criticized for the same reasons. As anticipated, many will remember the ssimilarity between Xiaomi Mi 8 and iPhone X.

But this is not the only product accused of being too equal to those of the apple: among others We Watch very similar to Apple Watch and also the MiMoji equal to AniMoji. This similarity made many Chinese users think that the production of the Xiaomi speaker was born from one collaboration with Sonos. This news immediately came to the ears of the latter company which, unlike the other, replied with a post on the social Weibo.

xiaomi speaker xiaoai sonos

For now the brand that we love has not commented about it and even doubt that it does. After all, the differences are manifold: first of all the crafts the Xiaomi XiaoAi Art is cylindrical oval instead of square with rounded corners; secondly at the level of Features we have the possibility to use the "European" voice assistants (if we can say so) only on Sonos One; finally the price of XiaoAi Art which is five times less than that of Sonos One.

-31% Blizzard on Xiaomi: the new XiaoAi Art Speaker too equal to Sonos One

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