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Guess how long you have to wait to receive Xiaomi SU7 after purchase?

Il Xiaomi SU7 launch it proved to be a remarkable triumph for the company, with an influx of pre-orders that exceeded all expectations. One of the company's strengths in this launch was its warranty policy, especially reassuring for consumers concerned about the longevity and performance of electric vehicle batteries. But there is a “flaw” in this: i delivery times of Xiaomi SU7.

Here's how long you have to wait to receive the Xiaomi SU7 after pre-ordering it

To date, Xiaomi has recorded more than 100.000 pre-orders for its newest model, which has led to a waiting period estimated at 37 weeks, equivalent to approx eight and a half months. A biblical time, even if all in all it is now the norm to wait given that car companies no longer produce from stock but on request. This is the only way to Don't anticipate production too much and do not lose large amounts of money.

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In any case, demand exploded from the first day of availability of pre-orders, March 28, with 20.000 vehicles booked in just seven minutes. As for deliveries, as of May 1, Xiaomi said they have already shipped 7.058 SU7s in April, while the total paid orders reached the figure of 88.063. These numbers confirm the incredible interest aroused by this model on the market, placing the company in a privileged position.

Despite the delivery times of Xiaomi SU7, the huge demand is a symptom of users' desire to try the new product. The company knows this and is in fact trying to build loyalty its brand new customers with after-sales services. For example, he undertakes to replace the battery for free if its capacity were to decrease beyond certain limits within specific time and mileage intervals: no more than 15% in 2 years or 50.000 km, 25% in 5 years or 100.000 km, and 30% in 8 years or 160.000 km.

But you know how long does it take to produce a Xiaomi SU7?

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