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TEMU, shocking complaint: “It manipulates consumers in the European Union”

BEUC, the organization that protects consumers in the European Union, has presented a exposed against TEMU, a popular e-commerce site. According to the BEUC, TEMU adopts strategy deceptive which push consumers to buy more than they initially intended. Here are all the details of this complaint and what it means for users who purchase on the most popular platform of the moment.

TEMU accused by BEUC for manipulating EU consumers

We know what is TEMU and how it works but it is also good to know that it is under the crosshairs of European control bodies. BEUC represents consumers at European level, collaborating with various national associations such as Altroconsumo in Italy. Recently, he presented a exposed to the European Commission against TEMU, accusing him of violating the Digital Services Act (DSA), a law that regulates online platforms to protect consumers.

According to the Consumers' Union, thee-commerce has not been clear about the traceability of sellers operating on its platform. This lack of transparency prevents consumers from knowing whether sellers comply with European standards. Without this information, it is difficult for consumers to guarantee the quality and safety of the products they purchase.

The giant is also accused of using manipulative tactics to push consumers to spend more than expected. Among these strategies, there are insistent suggestions to add products to the cart and complicated procedures to close the account. These methods can lead consumers to make unplanned purchases and become frustrated when trying to leave the platform.

Furthermore, the BEUC claims that TEMU has not been transparent about how it suggests new products to users. Without understanding the criteria used for these suggestions, consumers could be steered towards purchases that don't truly meet their needs or preferences.

It is worth remembering that national associations such as Altroconsumo have already submitted similar complaints to the respective national authorities, amplifying the echo of the complaint.

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