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Tesvor S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Floor Cleaner at €119 shipped free from Europe

The floor cleaning robot tesvor s5 represents one of the advanced and economical solutions for automatic domestic cleaning. With its innovative design and smart features, this device is designed to offer an impeccable cleaning experience, adapting to various surfaces and ensuring efficiency in every corner of the house. Below, we will analyze in detail the features that make the Tesvor S5 a precious ally for domestic cleaning: cleaning with a 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner, 3000 Pa suction, LiDAR navigation, 600 ml dust container, 2600 mAh battery, maximum autonomy of 180 minutes, Alexa app/voice control

Testor S5 Max


Design and Construction

The Tesvor S5 sports an elegant and compact design, which allows it to move easily under furniture and in narrow spaces, thus ensuring deep cleaning throughout the house. Its robust construction makes it resistant to shocks and impacts typical of the domestic environment.

Advanced Cleaning Technology

Featuring a highly efficient cleaning system, the Tesvor S5 combines powerful 3000Pa suction with a central rotating brush and side brushes to capture dust, debris and pet hair on different surfaces, from hard floors to carpets. Intelligent mapping technology allows the robot to orient itself and navigate precisely, avoiding obstacles and concentrating cleaning where it is most needed.

Intelligent Navigation System

Thanks to its advanced LiDAR laser navigation system, the Tesvor S5 maps the home environment creating detailed plans that allow you to optimize cleaning routes, reducing the time needed and increasing effectiveness. The user can customize cleaning by setting prohibited areas or specifying areas to be cleaned more intensively through the dedicated app.

Smart Control and Connectivity

The Tesvor S5 Max features Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to control it remotely via smartphone, compatible with apps for both iOS and Android. You can schedule cleaning cycles, monitor the progress in real time and receive notifications. It also supports voice control via smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, making use even simpler and more intuitive.

Autonomy and Automatic Charging

With a high capacity battery, the Tesvor S5 guarantees long cleaning sessions of up to 180 minutes, adapting even to large homes. When the battery runs out, the robot automatically returns to the charging base and then resumes work from where it left off, thus ensuring complete cleaning without interruptions.


The robot vacuum cleaner Tesvor S5 emerges as a technologically advanced and extremely functional solution for keeping the home clean with minimal effort. The combination of powerful suction, intelligent navigation, and smart control make it suitable for satisfying the most demanding cleaning needs, freeing up precious time that can be dedicated to other activities. With the Tesvor S5, home cleaning becomes easier, more efficient and smarter.


Tesvor S5 Floor Cleaning Robot

119€ 229€
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GeneralBrand: Tesvor
Type: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Model: S5
Color: Black
Small PartsBasic information:
LDS Path Planning: Laser + Gyroscope SLAM
Max. speed suction: 3000 Pa
Power: 25 W
Waste container capacity: 600ml
Water tank capacity: 350ml
Maximum operating time: 180 minutes
Battery: 2600 mAh
Maximum extraction area: 120 mXNUMX
Maximum cleaning area: 100 mXNUMX
Charging time: <6 hours
Ability to overcome obstacles: 2 cm
Noise level (balanced mode): 65dB
Vertical drop sensors: 6
Garbage container filtering efficiency: E11
Hardware and design:
Recognition of obstacles: YES
Simultaneous suction and washing: NO
Pressure Wash: YES
Electronic water tank: YES
Removable main brush: YES
Dynamic speed side brush: YES
Soft rubber padding: YES
Weight and sizeProduct weight: 3 kg
Package weight: 4 kg
Product dimensions (LxWxH): 33x33x10cm
Package Dimensions (LxWxH): 53,3×37,8×15,2cm 
Package Contents1 x Tesvor S5 robot vacuum cleaner 
2 x Single Sided Brush 
1 x Water Tank (350ml) 
1 x dustbin (600ml) 
1 x charging station and power supply 
1 x cleaning tool 
1 x Highly Effective Filter/Sponge 
1 x user manual
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