That's why Redmi 8 has the Snapdragon 439 as its SoC and not the 625

Today was full of news: we saw how Redmi has subtly announced the successor of the Little Demon K20 and witnessed the important news that will concern the new ones RedmiBook 14 which will mount, starting next week, one CPU and a GPU different from those of different models. But the real protagonist of today was a smartphone of the same brand, the super entry level Redmi 8. This device is intended for a low end as its price will not exceed 150 € but can boast a processor Snapdragon 439 which makes even some medium range blush. Don't believe it? Then you will believe the words of Lu Weibing and the data he posted today on Weibo.

That's why Redmi 8 has the Snapdragon 439 as its SoC and not the 625

We do not start immediately by telling you why redmi 8 has one under the body Snapdragon 439 instead of an 625, but we want to tell you what the big piece of the company wanted to communicate to users. Some time ago he opened a survey on the well-known Chinese social network, asking users what were the three fundamental characteristics according to their point of view. Most of you will be thinking of a brand new processor: but it is not. The three favorite features for Chinese users were: battery life, build quality and smooth and fast experience.

redmi 8 snapdragon 439

It is from these three points that the brand moved to bring such a device to the market. But let's see point by point what is better than the other devices of the same band:

  • battery life: the data speak for themselves since we have a mammoth battery from 5000 mAh which is charged thanks to an attack type-C with a power of 18W
    (Quick Charge 3). All results in one full charge in about 2 hours and the ability, according to the experiments made, to remain in mode standby for 31 days consecutive before turning off;
  • constructive quality: regarding this point, the display is a Gorilla Glass 5 and therefore "indestructible". According to the tests done on the device, as also seen on Redmi Note 7, the resistance is unmatched. Furthermore, the grip on the rear body has been significantly improved ensuring a less smooth surface and grip on other levels;
  • fluid and fast experience: thanks to Mr. Lu's survey it was eliminated 2GB RAM cut which turned out to be little for everyone. The functionality Mi Turbo 2.0 has been integrated on Redmi 8 to speed up all the processes and it was the memory cleaning process has also been improved (the app was probably added to the system Cleaner Lite, with the same functionality as the standard but decidedly lighter). According to company forecasts the device comes slowed down by 35% but only after two years of use.

Now we come to the crucial point: this is why Redmi 8 has SoC as its Snapdragon 439 and not the 625? Because it's better. The test is the comparison of the scores AnTuTu benchmark between Redmi 6 Pro and Redmi 8.

redmi 8 snapdragon 439

As you can see the scores achieved by the two SoCs are almost identical and it is surprising how a Qualcomm processor belonging to the 400 series wins on one of the 600 series. Everything is due, he says, from thesystem optimization and 2.0 Mi Turbo integration which helps the device to travel well without problems. In short, a smartphone that has a look under its guise great hardware but that looks decidedly outside low cost. The message that Redmi launches with the release of this device is, once again, that a phone does not necessarily have to cost much to have good features / specifications, but even one belonging to the low end is able to reach good levels without any compromise .

What do you think about it?

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riccardo masters
riccardo masters
1 year ago

which is fine for my mother who writes on wp. but she, too, never deleting the apps in the background, that slowing 35% feels it after six months. in addition I would like to understand this how it affects the system

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