The Dreame V9 cordless vacuum cleaner is the true Anti-Dyson. Today at the lowest price ever with shipping from Europe warehouse INCLUDED!

If you still do not know the Dreame brand, you cannot know that it is the top of the Xiaomi eco-system for cordless vacuum cleaners.

Last year, with the very successful V9, it became known worldwide thanks to the incredible quality of its product and the exceptional value for money.

Today, despite being still very current, the top model is its successor: the Dreame V10!

If you are considering purchasing one of these products, we recommend an incredible offer on the well-known site GOOD BANG which today gives us the opportunity to buy them with discounts never seen before.

In fact, we find 50 pieces of both models at sensational prices, shipped FREE of charge from Europe warehouses (therefore without customs costs and fast delivery):

Dreame V9 for € 127

💰 Coupon: BGDREMNV9
EU FREE EU Priority Mail 2 / 5gg FREE (NO customs) ✈

Dreame V10 for € 162

💰 Coupon: BGCZDMCV
EU FREE EU Priority Mail 2 / 5gg FREE (NO customs) ✈


The powerful wireless vacuum cleaner Xiaomi DREAME V10 is a product that has extraordinary performance and offers three levels of suction power with 100.000 rpm!

It is a powerful wireless vacuum cleaner with a sleek, slim and extremely portable design. Its weight of 1,5kg and the supplied accessories make it perfect for all household cleaning.

Thanks to the UV light included in the brush for cleaning mattresses and sofas, mites will be eliminated and the DREAME V10 will become the best ally for allergy sufferers! With the powerful suction of 140AW, 22.000Pa, this cordless vacuum cleaner separates the dust from the air flow to 99.9% and all the dirt is accumulated in the 0.5L container that is easily removable and washable. Good noise (73DB) and excellent autonomy, up to an hour, thanks to the large 2500mAh battery

Dreame V10 for € 162 with discount code: BGCZDMCV


The Dreame V9 differs from the V10 essentially by a slightly lower suction power, 120AW.

Dreame V9 for € 127 with discount code: BGDREMNV9

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5 months ago

I bought the DREAME V9 from Banggood (CZ) ... but it's Europe or not that I don't understand ...

5 months ago

thanks! in fact sent today at 18 .. apparently from Germany .. on average how long is it to arrive? (about eh ... with EU Priority Mail)

5 months ago
Reply to  simon

Arrived today! 5 days… top… for 110 € I have to say super best buy! I guess I'll take v10 for my 😉 as well

6 months ago

i think i will order it soon

palm tree
palm tree
6 months ago

can I pay cash on delivery?

Maximum Clean
6 months ago

At this price it is truly excellent!

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