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The effects of Xiaomi in India: Motorola and Samsung on patches

The landing of Xiaomi in India led two of the most active companies in the country to change their offer in the medium / low market. Let's talk about Samsung and Motorola, who responded to the launch of the Xiaomi Mi3 with price cuts and new smartphones.

Lo Xiaomi Mi3 was marketed by poco in India, but the company has already made a lot of talk about itself. Although stocks are, as per Xiaomi tradition, rather scarce, the arrival of such a smartphone sold at the usual Xiaomi prices has stirred the waters a bit, also thanks to the agreement with the Indian giant of online sales, Flipkart.

Xiaomi's top top range, still valid, is sold at a price that corresponds to India's low-mid-low market share. Buyers with this budget, estimated between the 160 and the 230 dollars, are therefore able to choose real-world media solutions, such as Motorola Moto G, and a Full HD smartphone with Snapdragon 800 processor, or Xiaomi Mi3.


The first response comes from Motorola, which has announced a price cut of its Motorola Moto G. Motorola has recently become the fourth smartphone maker in India by sales volume, and the Motorola Moto G had never suffered price cuts since the launch date. The cut, however, arrived on time after the launch of the Mi3, a sign that Xiaomi has worried the recently acquired company from Lenovo.

The other manufacturer worried about Xiaomi seems instead Samsung. The arrival of the Xiaomi Mi3 has induced the Korean manufacturer, number one in India, to launch three new devices for the low-end market. Two of the three new smartphones they do not compete directly with devices like the Moto G, offering much simpler features, while the third, the Samsung Galaxy Ace Nxt, is a direct competitor.

The introduction of the new budget smartphones indicates Samsung's intention not to lose dominance in this market segment, and we will probably also see some new products aimed at the mid-range.

The advance of Xiaomi therefore worries the giants of the sector, but what will happen when the company arrives in the West? Even here in Europe will companies have to adapt? I can't wait to find out!


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