The Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro's LCD screen is better than many AMOLEDs. Here's why ...

When Lei Jun's company presented the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro to the world, quite a few controversies arose over the fact that a top of the range, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC, was equipped with a "simple" display with LCD technology. Sure Xiaomi has equipped its flagship with a 144 Hz refresh rate, but according to many it was unpopular and risky the choice to use LCD technology, yet the company has repeatedly declared and confirmed that the choice made was the best, equipping the Mi 10T Pro with color profiles optimized in such a way that they have nothing to envy to the AMOLED panels.

But the community is like St. Thomas and therefore the members of the XDA-Developers forum have seen fit to verify this statement, comparing the LCD screen of the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro with the AMOLED panel of the Mi 9T Pro. For the checks they used of the tests offered by the Display Tester app, obtaining results that surprise to say the least.

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What we do know, in theory, is that LCD technology offers higher brightness than AMOLED screens, but in XDA's test, theory doesn't go hand in hand with practice. In fact, the AMOLED display of Mi 9T Pro reaches a greater brightness than that of Mi 10T Pro, which is also confirmed by the technical data sheets made available by Xiaomi, which for Mi 9T Pro declares a peak of 650 nits while for Mi 10T Pro the value drops at 600 nits.

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Another test is that relating to contrast, in which AMOLED panels should offer greater definition than traditional LCDs, allowing better readability of the content offered. However, as can be appreciated from the image above, surprisingly the Xiaomi Mi 10T pro offers a much better color distinction than the competitor Mi 9T Pro, especially in the dark areas around the light ones. Let's be clear, the HDR contents are necessarily better on Mi 9T Pro, which thanks to AMOLED technology allows deep and absolute blacks.

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Always passing the theory first, the AMOLED displays offer deeper and more saturated colors, but in the specific test, the guys at XDA have highlighted the fact that land different boxes for each color, are slightly more distinguishable on Mi 10T Pro than on Mi 9T Pro. In fact, the colors on Mi 9T Pro seem exaggerated, with an exaggerated saturation, which may be perhaps better to the eye but which does not represent the real color.

The Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro's LCD screen is better than many AMOLEDs. Here's why ...

Speaking of refresh rate, Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro wins the comparison hands down, relying on an incredible 144 Hz refresh rate, which means that the screen is updated every 7 ms.  In contrast, the Mi 9T Pro's AMOLED screen with a standard 60Hz refresh rate barely refreshes every 16,7ms. For this reason, the LCD of the Mi 10T Pro is far better in terms of fluidity (a very important feature for gaming) than most AMOLED panels.

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In addition, Mi 10T Pro supports technology called AdaptiveSync which adjusts the screen refresh rate based on the displayed content. This does not lead to any desynchronization between the screen and the content displayed, as happens in other mobile phones with high refresh rates that do not have this technology (e.g. OnePlus 8T).

The conclusions from XDA are quite simple: Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro earns much more than what it loses in having used an LCD display. The only negative point is the use of HDR content, but the excellent work that Xiaomi has done on this panel, give a decidedly excellent and better readability, saturation and color fidelity than many AMOLEDs in circulation.

mi 10t pro

Particular mention should be made of the high refresh rate offered of 144 Hz, which make the Mi 10T Pro display one of the most fluid in circulation, as well as guaranteeing a worthy autonomy, thanks to the smart refresh rate adjustment function. automatic. This allows us to play all games and videos at their native refresh rate and thus have a smoother and error-free appearance.


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Fabrizio Catena
Fabrizio Catena
4 months ago

It is wrong to compare an OLED of an older model with the latest LCD released.

Fabrizio Catena
Fabrizio Catena
3 months ago

And then hon has the sensor under the fingerprint. - ​​The Italian community for Xiaomi products