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The MIUI V6 for Xiaomi Mi2 and Mi2S will be based on Android 4.1!

If you are a proud owner of Xiaomi Mi2 or Mi2S, and you think that the arrival of the MIUI V6 on your smartphone will finally bring the update to Android KitKat, you may be wrong.

The MIUI V6 is the latest version of Xiaomi's Android-based ROM, the MIUI, which was recently announced and will officially arrive on devices in October. For the latest devices, such as the Xiaomi Mi3 and the Xiaomi Mi4, the MIUI V6 will be based on Android 4.4 KitKat, bringing with it all the features of this version of Android, including full support for wearable devices.

As for the previous Xiaomi Mi2 and Mi2S, smartphones still very good, there are good and bad news. The good news is that the MIUI V6 will arrive on these smartphones, but the bad news is that it will still be based on Android 4.1!

This is a really unlucky news from the fans community, hoping the MIUI V6 would bring them the much-anticipated update. The story sparked a blunder of complaints and disappointments, resulting in several discussions on Xiaomi's official forum. However, some users have accused Xiaomi moderators of having removed their discussions, but information is still unconfirmed.

On the unofficial forum fans, in addition to expressing their disappointment, are even preparing a petition, intending to persuade Xiaomi to review its positions on this update.

Are you disappointed with this news? Will you take part in the petition?

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