The whole Amazfit Bip series compared. Which one to choose?

The new Amazfit Bip 1S was recently presented in the wearable panorama, a variant that adds to the already existing Bip and Bip Lite, both of enormous success in the sector to which they belong. But given the existence of as many as 3 variants of a model that apparently looks the same, the user could be in crisis finding himself faced with offers related to these models, certainly suitable for those looking for cheap sportwatches / smartwatches but with essential functionality.

So which one to choose among the three models? Is there one that best suits one or the other user based on different needs? Well established that we are faced with devices with almost identical names and looks, let's try to clarify the differences between Amazfit Bip 1S, Bip and Bip Lite, starting from a table that highlights differences and similarities, considering that the price indicated is a variant that over time could undergo clear changes, even starting today, as there are many offers that generally follow one another on one or the other model, so we recommend you sign up for our Telegram channel to not miss all the offers.


The whole Amazfit Bip series compared. Which one to choose?

The three models are practically identical if we do not examine them in detail. All offer a 1,28-inch transflective color display. The advantage of this type of screen is that it allows us to have a clear view of the data shown even in direct sunlight, indeed to put it all stronger, the reflected light is clearer the detail with which we will see the information. A difference, however, we find on the rear, as the PPG sensor for detecting the heart rate is different on the new Bip 1S, compared to previous generations, resulting flattened and inserted in a circular boss. In addition, the colors offered to us by the different Amazfit beeps are different depending on the edition: black, white, orange and pink for Amazfit Bip 1S, while for Bip we are offered the colors gray, dark green, orange and black. Finally for Amazfit Bip Lite the colors available are 3: black, pink and blue.


One thing that is not seen with the naked eye but that is present on the Bip 1S, concerns the presence of an exclusive cleaning treatment for the strap, so that the entire strap maintains a good softness without sacrificing resistance against dirt. Advantage that the other older models do not offer, although we remember all 3 models offer straps that can be easily changed thanks to the presence of the quick release.

Regarding the features offered, the Amazfit Bip series does not differ much from one model to another but in the case of Amazfit Bip 1s, the training mode is more complete by integrating monitoring for 10 sports activities including: outdoor running, indoor running, walking, cycling, spinning, open water swimming, swimming in the pool, yoga, elliptical machines, general training . While Bip and Bip Lite only support 4 basic sport modes: outdoor running, treadmill, walking and cycling .


And the presence of swimming on the Bip 1S also leads us to an improvement regarding the certified waterproofness that goes from IP68 of the standard Bip to 5 ATM. If we want to keep track of our activity in the open field, we will certainly need the presence of GPS + Glonass, in order to leave our smartphone at home if necessary, so in this case the choice should fall on Beep or Beep 1S, as the Lite model does not have this function or better hardware.

Bip 1S is also renewed in terms of health monitoring, as it integrates Huami's new evaluation system, i.e. the PAI value. The power of this system is that it can fully evaluate the biological data of the human body, such as data on heart rate, exercise intensity, personal physiological conditions and other data, which are used to express the degree of our health . Finally to note that on the Amazfit Bip 1S there is also the NFC, but unfortunately outside of China, this sensor is useless at the moment.


Lastly, an aspect to be analyzed is certainly linked to autonomy, a record on all three models, but which in the case of Beep 1s, following the various improvements, reduce it to 30 days respects the 45 beep days and Beep Lite. In any case, more than excellent values. In conclusion, we will not say who is better than whom, although it is evident that the renewed Bip 1S has many arrows in its bow, but the choice remains personal and above all linked to the price at which you will find the various devices.

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The whole Amazfit Bip series compared. Which one to choose?

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