The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Global is on offer at 30 €!

Like every other we are waiting for the new version, and this time I must tell you that I really like it! In fact, finally, we find a full screen for this beautiful one Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 !

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Global
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33€ 69€
xiaomi smart band I 6

The technical characteristics of the Band are always at the top and we can summarize them in this sheet:

  • Display: 1.56 ″ AMOLED display
    Resolution: 152 * 486
    PPI: 326
    Brightness: 450 nits
  • Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, HR sensor
  • Battery Life: 125mAh, 14 Days (2 hours charging time)
  • Sports mode: 30 (Treadmill, Freestyle, Outdoor Running, Cycling, Walking, Pool Swim, Rowing Machine, Elliptical, Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Skipping Rope, Dance, Indoor Fitness, Gymnastics, HIIT, Core training, Stretching, Bowling, Badminton, Boxing, Stepper, Pilates, Basketball, Volleyball, Ping pong, Cricket, Ice skating, Kickboxing, Street dance, Zumba)
  • Health check: Heart rate monitoring: manual all day heart rate, resting heart rate and heart rate curve
    Sleep monitoring: deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement (REM), naps
    Women's Health Tracking: Provides recordings and reminders for your menstrual cycle and ovulation stages
    Stress monitoring, breathing exercises, PAI vitality index assessment, inactivity alerts, pedometer, goal setting

Of course it is waterproof up to 5 atmospheres (50 meters), receives notifications from applications, messages, calls, and much more.

Another really important feature, and for the first time on the "mi band" line, is the measurement of blood oxygenation, a very important parameter to understand the health of our lungs (never as in this historical moment of an even more important pandemic ).

Of course, many skins are available to customize our band every day!

xiaomi mi band 6

So, as always, we highly recommend this Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 which will surely give you a hand to keep your health under control and will be an excellent training partner!

Here is this gem available on Amazon Prime, sold and shipped by Amazon in 24h, and at a CLAMOROUS price on GOOD BANG

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🏃 Xiaomi Mi Band 6 at 30 €
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🏃 Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Global
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