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The Xiaomi Mi3 arrives in India for testing purposes

We have already amply anticipated on regarding Xiaomi's recent decision to expand into India and it seems that waiting is shorter than expected. In fact, some units of the Mi3 have been placed in the country to allow tests on the Indian network.
Hugo Barra had already clarified that Xiaomi looks to India as a possible market, so much so that he visited the country last month to meet the founders of MIUI India.

To date, no official dates have been made for Xiaomi's debut in the Indian market, but, as anticipated, Gadgethouse reported that some Mi3 terminals arrived in the country for testing purposes.

The test model seems to be the 16GB version of Mi3.

We briefly remember the features of the device: Snapdragon 800 processor with 2.3GHz clock, 2GB RAM and 13 Megapixel main camera, all embedded in an aluminum alloy frame.

So, in addition to short in Malaysia, will we soon see the Chinese giant even in India?


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Simone Rodriguez
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