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The Xiaomi Mi4 is missing from NFC because it is used by the 1% of users. Do you agree?

In a recent interview with Xiaomi Mi4, Lei Jun explained that the company has chosen to remove NFC from the new top of the range because users do not use it!

When the Xiaomi Mi4 was launched, fans were surprised with precious materials, a new design and some interesting features. But the most attentive users were also surprised by the lack of NFC!

NFC, Near Field Communication, is a "contactless" function of smartphones, which allows information to be sent to another device without the two having physical contact and without having to synchronize or pair them. This technology can be used with the so-called NFC tags, or small objects containing NFC chips that allow you, by approaching the smartphone, to perform simple functions, as if we were activating a particular profile. The NFC can also be used for payments or for exchanging files between two devices.

NFC is one of those technologies that could make our life easier with small gestures, for example by leaving a tag near the bed so that the smartphone activates the silent profile, but it is a technology poco used, for example I use it only in the review phase, but not in everyday life.

The Xiaomi Mi4 therefore lacks this connectivity, a decision that stands at Lei Jun is due simply to the fact that only the 1% of the users of Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi2A have used this feature.

Do you agree that NFC is not being exploited as it should? The lack of this connectivity may lead you to not buy a smartphone? Let us know in the comments below.


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Simone Rodriguez
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