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Official TicWatch Pro 3 LTE in Europe: goodbye smartphone!

Mobvoi is one of the leading companies in the home sector and a few years ago it also threw itself into the smartwatch sector. They are called TicWatch its smart watches and the latest release is really a bomb. It is about TicWatch Pro 3 LTE, which means it is a variant of the previous GPS model but with the option of using one eSIM. Implications? We can too throw our smartphone in the dustbin (kidding) since we will be able to use the smartwatch just like a mobile device. Let's go and see the technical and the price.

Let's say goodbye to our smartphone: with TicWatch Pro 3 LTE everything will be within reach of our wrist

This LTE is a model of TicWatch Pro 3 released earlier this year, but with built-in support for LTE connectivity. At launch it will be limited to United Kingdom, Spain and Germany, allowing you to use the smartwatch while you are disconnect from a phone. We will still be able to handle phone calls and respond to text messages and WhatsApp but we will simply do it from the wrist. But not all that glitters is gold. The device is not compatible with all carriers.

ticwatch 3 pro with lte and e-sim

According to what emerged, the TicWatch Pro 3 LTE works on the network Vodafone OneNumber therefore it is necessary to have this type of eSIM to make it work. With other carriers there is currently no "partnership" if we can call it that. As anticipated the device is only available in three countries (and not in Italy as some say) but it will not be long in coming to us too.

With regard to specifications remain the same as for GPS. We will have one of the best smartwatches powered by the operating system WearOS from Google and supported by a platform Snapdragon Wear 4100. As for connectivity, in addition to LTE, Has NFC for Google Pay, Bluetooth for music, location services through GPS e Glonass. The watch is also IP68 certified, so it is suitable for underwater use up to 50m depth. Resolution 454 454 pixels x. A Adreno GPU 504 at 320 MHz to help the Qualcomm processor.


The cost in those countries of Europe is equal to € 359.99. As mentioned, it will not be long in coming to us too. We are waiting for news: as soon as we have some we will update the article.

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to June 24, 2024 15:15
Last updated on June 24, 2024 15:15
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