Tineco Carpet One vacuum washes and dries carpets that looks like magic

It is a fantastic (historical) moment for housewives 2.0 who at home can take advantage of fantastic technological tools for every "business" and for the maintenance of rugs / carpets, the Tineco Carpet One.

The Carpet One is a modern carpet cleaner (or carpet cleaner) that vacuums, washes and dries carpets and allows you to obtain effective results with minimal effort.

It can be controlled with only two buttons on the handle, one to switch on and another to alternate the four modes: automatic washing, maximum washing, drying and accessory.

It has large 10cm wheels that allow it to be used and moved easily thanks to the weight of only 7.5kg (from empty). The cable is 6,5m long and has two hooks to roll it up when at rest. Everything is well organized to simplify the work and maintenance of parts.

Beautiful and useful is the large OLED display that constantly shows the status of the Carpet One and warns when the tanks are full or empty as well as the voice feedback in Italian.

Tineco Carpet One for washing rugs and carpets

To start using the Tineco Carpet One simply fill the 2-liter tank with water and a suitable detergent (supplied in the package).

By selecting the automatic mode, the sensor iLoop Smart Sensor it will recognize the amount of dirt present on the carpet and consequently regulate the amount of water needed for a correct wash. The it will indicate the power used with a value between 0-100 and a colored ring will light up red or blue.

Proceeding forward the Carpet One sprays the water and stops moving backwards. In any case, in all modes, it emits hot air at a temperature between 70 ° and 80 ° to heat water and dissolve dirt effectively.

For the dirtiest carpets, the "Max" mode which uses the maximum spray volume.

The resulting water that is sucked up together with any other dirt on the carpet, it is stored in a separate 1.5 liter tank which is very easy to disassemble and empty.

Thanks to the large 23cm rotating brush, the powerful 130AW motor creates the right mix between washing / clutch / vacuuming that offers amazing results with just a few strokes. The stains on my carpets have disappeared with a disarming simplicity and the colors are back bright.

Final results
Only the right side was washed with Tineco Carpet One

Drying mode

To complete the excellent washing job that Carpet One does, there is the drying mode.

Un constant flow of hot air a 70 ° / 80 ° takes care of drying the treated parts which in any case are never completely wet since the dirty residue is sucked up during washing. Also, thanks to proprietary technology DrynessMeter, a sensor detects the degree of humidity and shows us on the display in real time how dry the surface is.

I think this mode is as important as cleaning, since in large rugs and even more so on carpet, drying is a real problem. Waiting for hours (or even days) is not always possible and we are forced to lay out large and heavy carpets. With the Tineco Carpet One, in a few minutes our carpet is dry and clean again.

Accessory mode

But the Carpet One is not only useful on rugs and carpets, in fact with the practical 2in1 nozzle and the 3 meter hose, we will be able to reach the most complicated surfaces such as: sofas, car upholstery, carpet on the stairs. It is also useful for "targeted" cleaning on the most difficult stains on carpets.

Just install the accessory that will be immediately recognized. We will be able to control the spray by means of a trigger that will send the water while sucking the dirt and excess water. In this mode we obviously do not have the Auto function and drying.

They are supplied in the package two different brushes for the nozzle: one with bristles, more delicate; a rubber one, more effective.

Tineco Carper ONE management with the application

It is possible to manage your Tineco Carpet ONE also through theTineco Life application which allows us to choose between the various modes, update the software, change the language of the voice feedback and choose the volume. It is also possible to consult the history of the cleaning sessions carried out.

Tineco Carpet One Price and Conclusions

I was impressed by the immediacy and effectiveness shown that hadn't happened to me for a long time.

A complicated operation like washing a carpet, with the Tineco Carpet One becomes as simple as vacuuming. This allows us to wash rugs and carpets, the usual receptacles of dirt and bacteria, more frequently for the benefit of health as well as aesthetics.

The Tineco Carpet One is available from today on the official website at € 499. The first 100 orders will receive a free Tineco A10 Dash, while the next 100 will receive the Tineco ONE MINI S4.

The price is certainly not ridiculous but it is a product that is not used every day like the vacuum cleaner and you can then share the shopping with your neighbor, mother-in-law, daughter, etc.

9 Total score
Tineco Carpet One

Washing rugs and carpets (but also sofas and car upholstery) becomes as easy and effective as vacuuming.

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wow nice product to clean with the carpets nice vaqum machine intristing if i can find that close to my home town