Tineco Carpet One Spot – Review, specifications and tests

Have you ever wondered how you can calmly deal with cleaning and carpet and rug cleaning? The answer is Tineco Carpet One Spot

Most of the time properly clean surfaces made with fabric, such as memo carpet and rugs, becomes very difficult, especially if you have large carpets, washing also becomes very expensive. All this will become simple and convenient, just like vacuuming.

Compact and portable, this splendid carpet cleaner offers professional quality and precise cleaning on all types of upholstery, in fact one of the characteristics that differentiate it and improve it from previous models is spot mode, a mode that automatically detects the size and type of stain and cleans it in the most optimal and precise way possible without the aid of any kind of control on the part of the user.

Then the integrated motorized brush is really excellent, which allows a really thorough cleaning with the additional power of its internal motor.

Tineco Carpet One Spot, powerful and silent

Already from the first tests carried out at home I could see the power and silence of this Tineco appliance, in fact it produces a maximum of 70dB but it is really effective even if so silent.

This splendid product is equipped with a brushless motor and has maintained, as in the previous version, also the iLoop sensor, also has a battery from 4000 mAh edtwo water tanks, one for clean water, which has a capacity of 1,6 liters of water and detergent and one for dirty water, which is smaller and contains a maximum of 0,8 liters of water and dirt.

In order not to miss anything, the Tineco company has decided to include the specific detergent for the upholstery so as to try it immediately with the dedicated cleaner.

Il iLoop sensor, automatically adjusts the water supplied together with the detergent and roller speeds based on the amount of dirt it detects, thus really minimizing the use of energy and water for cleaning.

The batteries are unfortunately not removable and even if the charge lasts from 25 to 40 minutes, recharging is quite slow, in fact it takes almost 5 hours to get a full charge, but this is not a big problem because the cleaning power is truly remarkable.

The LED screen is truly intuitive and effective in signaling anything, from filling the dirt tray to completing cleaning, furthermore an additional digital display that allows us to see information also on the Wi-Fi connection, brushes, tanks and battery status.

In addition to these displays then, we have the option of activate or deactivate the voice which will be of great help since it reports all the warnings in different languages ​​and is also clear, well translated and above all very understandable.

Three modes for every need and it cleans itself

There are three cleaning methods for both carpet and upholstery: Spot, Auto, Vacuum.

La spot mode it allows us to position the brush on a stain, activate the mode and wait until the machine itself updates us on the removal of the stain.

La Auto mode instead, it allows us to clean with automatic detection of stains and automatic increase or decrease of suction power and water supply until the stains are completely removed.

Finally, the Suction mode which allows us to suck up the water or liquids that have remained on the carpet.

The Upholstery mode, on the other hand, allows us to clean the inside of the car as well as the home upholstery, always with the three modes, but becoming more effective.

We refer you to ours videos on YouTube for product testing.

The modes can also be used and downloaded via the dedicated app in the PlayStore e App Store.

A special mention also I must absolutely make it to his self-cleaning modeyes, because as soon as we place the body of the carpet cleaner on its charging base, a small light with a drop will light up on the ignition display, signaling that we can press the symbol corresponding to the base of the brush handle and thus start the self-cleaning cycle, to automatically remove all the dirt and residues from both the brushes and the tubes, thus keeping our machinery always clean and functional and minimizing our intervention in the cleaning itself.

Tineco Carpet One Spot instructions

As always then, all the parts of the body are removable and washable and the motorized brush is also removable and washable, furthermore we have a brush for cleaning the pipes, thus making daily maintenance really comfortable.

Tineco Carpet One Spot

Also this time Tineco has "baked out" a excellent product and which is unmatched in the competition. Compared to Carpet One that we have already reviewed, this product is more versatile and practical due to the absence of wires.

Both for everyday cleaning and to buffer "accidents" it is a great ally, especially if you have at home children and animals.

The price is adequate for the great Tineco quality. AND' for sale on Amazon at this address for €439 using our exclusive discount code TINXMTDSPOT valid only until November 30th.

9 Total score
Tineco Carpet One Spot

Tineco Carpet One Spot is the ideal tool for cleaning curtains, sofas, carpets but also car upholstery thanks to its excellent autonomy

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