Tineco Floor One S5 Steam - The STEAM floor cleaner for ABSOLUTE HYGIENE

Tineco, the well-known German company, with the Tineco Floor One S5 Steam expands its already extensive series "S5 Family”With a new floor cleaner which, thanks to the use of steam, promises cleanliness and hygiene at the highest levels.

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Elegant and practical design

Aesthetically it recalls the Floor one S5 that we already have reviewed but the differences are many and substantial.

It is 110 cm high and weighs 7.5kg and incorporates two large 0.75L tanks: one at the front for dirty water; a rear one for clean water. It is controlled with the three buttons located on the comfortable handle.

The use of steam has made battery use possible, so we find an 8m long cable which is more than enough to reach the corners of even very large rooms. On the handle there are two hooks to collect the cable when it is collected.

In the package, Tineco also included a spare roller and a Hepa filter which are housed in its base (32.5 × 33.5cm). Since it does not need to be recharged, the base serves as a resting place and for self-cleaning.

We do not find the classic Tineco detergent, because the company strongly advises against its use as it could ruin the function that generates the steam.

However, it is not lacking a great display showing statuses and alerts, such as empty clean water tank, dirty water tank, or when the self-cleaning program needs to be run. A light ring around the edge of the screen changes color depending on the level of dirt detected. It is red when the robot detects a high level of dirt and turns blue when the floor is clean again.

Cleans and disinfects without the need for detergents

La Tineco Floor One S5 Steam works like a normal floor cleaner. Just plug in the power cord and fill the water tank to be ready.

The S5 Steam starts by default in scrubbing mode in which the integrated iLoop sensor will be able to recognize the amount of dirt and automatically adjust the water flow and the rotation of the roller. In this mode the maximum power output is 300W, much higher than the 220W of the Floor One S5.

In the classic tests I carry out with wine, cereals and ketchup - the Tineco Floor One S5 Steam it behaved very well, always managing to suck up liquids and solids with a single pass. However, she missed the use of detergent which prevents an opaque patina from remaining on the "greasy" dirt.

In these situations, however, the "Steam mode". Just press the special button on the handle to start the "steam loading" process which lasts a few seconds and whose status is visible on the display. At that point we will see an abundant jet of steam come out from under the roller that leaves no escape for any type of dirt, be it dry, wet, old or very greasy.

In this mode you get better results than the classics vaporetto and the like, because the dirt dissolved by the steam is immediately sucked up and the result is ed the result is always flawless.

But the real advantage of steam is not the visible one but its disinfectant capacity. It is indeed capable of kill 99,9% of viruses, germs and bacteria from the surfaces preventing health problems for you and the tenants of the house. All this without the need to use products therefore with a low environmental impact.

After cleaning, we just put the Tineco Floor S5 Steam in its base for start the self-cleaning of the roller and ducts independently in just two minutes. Also in this process the steam is used to sanitize the roller completely from cleaning residues which, now inert, will be deposited in the dirty water tank. The S5 Steam also has a sensor that will alert us with voice feedback of the need for cleaning.

Tineco Floor One S5 Steam - Conclusions, price and offer

Tineco Floor One S5 Steam it is not a normal floor cleaner because thanks to the use of steam it allows us to do much more than wash. It is a fantastic appliance that combines the cleaning power of steam with the practicality of electric brooms. A fantastic product for those who, in addition to cleaning, look for hygiene at high levels.

Obviously the steam function forces us to make some compromises. It doesn't run on batteries, but this is also an advantage for some people. On average, it weighs more than a classic floor cleaner, even if we remain at levels that do not preclude its practicality. The roller is placed centrally and does not allow us to reach the edges of the wall.

The price is in line with that of normal scrubbers. AND' available on Amazon for € 399 using our exclusive discount code TINTDSTEAM 3 at this link.

€404 €449
The Amazon

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