Tineco Pure One S15 Pro - Review of the TOP-of-the-range Tineco vacuum cleaner

Tineco, now a leader in the sector of floor washer, has put his great experience on the new cordless vacuum cleaner to good use Tineco Pure One S15 Pro where we find the usual great quality, efficiency and attention to detail.

Tineco Pure One S15 Pro
Official Tineco store

Tineco Pure One S15 Pro unboxing

In the package that measures incredibly only 32x23x44 we find in addition to the vacuum cleaner:

  • Charging base
  • Motorized main brush with light
  • Small motorized brush
  • Tip for corners
  • 2in1 brush for delicate surfaces and upholstery
  • Replacement prefilter
  • Brush maintenance tool
  • Multilingual manual. Italian included.

The flexible hose to combine with the accessories, useful for reaching areas, is missing poco as accessible as the bottom of the drawers.

- accessories are all of great quality, made of polycarbonate with the exception of the tube which is partially made of aluminum. All attachments are easy to fit and remove, plus they come with one gasket to ensure the efficiency of the air flow.

Optimized design and lots of technology

The charging base deserves a special mention. Tineco has managed to develop a solution that does not require holes on the wall (such as the support of the Dreame) but also different from the bulky vertical stands (such as that of the Dyson). In fact, she only uses a base that measures 28 × 28 cm, heavy enough to remain firmly on the ground and theS15 Pro leans on it while remaining straight in balance but very stable limiting the overall dimensions to a minimum. The base is also prepared for accommodate the 3 accessories supplied.

Il central body, compact and well balanced, weighs only 1,8kg and it is a true concentrate of technology. In the upper part we find a touch button to switch between the 3 operating modes: max, auto and manual. The power of the latter (from 1 to 6) is selected via a touch slider.

La battery is removable, but the base does not provide for simultaneous recharging of a second battery. So great for when we need to replace it but poco convenient to extend its autonomy.

La main brush, fundamental accessory of every vacuum cleaner, it is well made and on average larger than average. Incorporates Zero-Tangle technology for limit the risk of entanglement. In fact the V design centralizes hair and hair avoiding that these go to block the side gears, moreover the internal rake will go to tear them and lift them to facilitate suction.

Le big wheels guarantee excellent smoothness on all surfaces and the comfortable joint allows tilt the vacuum cleaner up to 90 ° and reach comfortably even under the lowest furniture. Finally the front LED light it is very convenient for "finding" dirt even in dark areas.

Il 5-stage filter system guarantees maximum performance as it is capable of filter 99,9% of allergens but it is also practical. Mixed and cyclonic filter are easily disassembled and washed, as well as the pre-filter. The HEPA filter it is placed at the back and is held together by a magnetic attachment: a gem.

Easy to use and easy to empty

The Automatic mode is managed by the excellent iLoop sensor that we find in all recent products Tineco and that works fantastically. Always recognizes the amount of dirt precisely and quickly for adjust the power and speed of the roller. This allows us to optimize consumption to the maximum using great power only when really needed.

The aspiration starts via the trigger placed at the height of the index finger and that it is not necessary to hold down. I would have liked to have had the option to choose the behavior of the trigger (like in Dreame) because in some contexts it is more comfortable to hold it.

In front of the trigger we have one lever that allows you to unlock the opening the dust compartment and at the same time push the dirt down. A real treat which allows you to empty the vacuum cleaner without getting dirty and efficiently. The compartment is 470ml, not one of the largest but still sufficient for everyday use.

In the upper part stands thehuge color display which, in addition to a pleasant animation, shows in real time all the necessary information: power, operating mode, residual battery charge and any warnings on obstructions and entanglements. These warnings are also reported verbally thanks to thevoice assistant in Italian.

There is no lack of smart features thanks to its application even if on such a product there are limited (theoretical) control of the state of wear of the parts, remote verification of the state of charge, history of the cleaning carried out. Instead, it is essential to set the Italian language in the voice assistant and perform firmware updates.

TOP performance in all situations

Il Tineco Pure One S15 Pro it has a nominal power of 500W which, regardless of the already excellent value, are exploited very well and are reflected in all conditions with outstanding performance.

in usual tests I carry out (coffee, breadcrumbs, cereals) did not have the slightest sign of hesitation; everything was perfectly vacuumed at the first stroke, even between the joints of my tiles which are quite deep. Consider that the tests were carried out in the automatic mode also to verify the goodness of the same.

Look at the tests carried out on the VIDEO.

I received maximum satisfaction in cleaning the carpets where the great power is indispensable as poor, hair and dog hair get stuck in the bristles of the carpet. In this context it is difficult to carry out replicable tests and you will have to trust my judgment because for the first time I have obtained results equal to the trailed vacuum cleaners.

Autonomy it is average and sufficient for a 100sqm house. The great advantage of being able to profit the automatic mode allows us to use the great power only when it is necessary precisely in favor of the autonomy that is prolonged. In MAX mode, to be used only in case of "disasters", the autonomy drops drastically around 9 minutes, but this also happens in competing products. There full recharge it takes about 4/5 hours.

Tineco Pure One S15 Pro - price, offers and conclusions

With the Tineco Pure One S15 Pro we are dealing with top-of-the-range cordless vacuum cleaners that are really hard to find fault with: powerful, practical, robust and easy to manage.

Trying to nitpick, I would have added cleaning mode by holding down the trigger and a slot for charging a second battery.

Perhaps its only real flaw is the price which at the time of writing is of € 599 here on the official Tineco store with free shipping. Price which, however, is justified with the great quality and power of which it has nothing to envy to the much more noble Dyson.

Being a newly presented product it is desirable to see it go down or in any case on offer in the coming weeks. We therefore advise you to follow our Telegram channel ScontiToday where we offer real discounts on technological products every day. Sign up here.

Tineco Pure One S15 Pro
Official Tineco store

8.9 Total score
Tineco Pure One S15 Pro

The Tineco Pure One S15 Pro is a top-of-the-range cordless vacuum cleaner that's really hard to find fault with. Powerful, practical and robust.

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