Tips & Tricks: Optimize your smartphone after updating to MIUI 12

Have you waited a long time for the update to MIUI 12 on your smartphone and now that you have received and installed it, damn the day you did the update? It may happen that after a substantial upgrade from an old version to a new one, the update process can generate some conflicts that affect the fluidity of the system.

In fact, when you switch from one version of MIUI to another, our smartphone undergoes a radical change that could generate some headaches, which do not necessarily depend on a badly optimized ROM, but simply in carrying out the update some system settings could slow down. the terminal.

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Statistically it was agreed that most of the slowdowns due to the transition from MIUI 11 to MIUI 12 reside in the launcher, which is then responsible for managing the main interface. But fear not, because with this simple guide, your smartphone that now seems slowed down and maybe even shows some errors, will return to its maximum splendor in terms of performance and fluidity.

Tips & Tricks: Optimize your smartphone after updating to MIUI 12

From what emerges from various posts on the Mi Community, deleting the system launcher cache seems to be the key to improving and optimizing the MIUI 12 update on our smartphone. In the vast majority of cases with this small and simple procedure, some conflicts and slowdowns due to the transition from MIUI 11 to MIUI 12 are resolved. To clean the cache from the system launcher, we only need to perform the following steps:

  • Go to the Settings> App> Manage app menu;
  • Once inside, type the word LAUNCHER from the search bar to locate the System Launcher in a faster way, then click on the item that appears;
  • At the bottom right an icon appears with the wording “Delete data”;
  • Click on it and choose the item "Empty the Cache".

In the event that your smartphone still continues to have slowdowns or anomalies, the advice is to repeat the procedure, but this time by selecting the "Delete all data" option. Personally I made a test with my personal smartphone, a Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and I must say that the general fluidity has improved a lot, so I suggest you try it too, before resorting to more drastic solutions.

I also recommend that you read this article, that is, does MIUI 12 slow down your smartphone? Don't worry, with this guide you will become a rocket.


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3 months ago

How do you change the 4 buttons that are in the control center? (Wifi, mobile data, bluetooth, flashlight) type in the photo on this page there is added the data consumption instead of the flashlight.

3 months ago

I have done the above. Now my Redmj Note 7 is a splinter !! Thanks - ​​The Italian community for Xiaomi products