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Turoll J1 ST Review – The electric walking bike suitable for everyone

If you are looking for a electric walking bicycle economical, the Turoll J1 ST that I have tried in recent days could be right for you. It has excellent technical equipment and one low standover which allows its use even by those with poor mobility. The price is really interesting and is a candidate as this summer's best buy.

Turoll J1 ST 27.5
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799€ 849€
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Data Sheet TOUROLL J1 ST

Engine power250W 36V
Maximum torque45 Nm
ChassisAluminum Alloy
Dimensions: 181 x 68 x 113 cm
Handlebar width70 cm
Seat height from the ground87-105 cm
Recommended rider heights155-195 cm
ChangeShimano 7-speed
Brake typeFront and rear disc mechanics 16 cm
Display1.8″ monochrome LCD
ForkLockable hydraulics – Travel 8 cm
Autonomy100 km
Weight :26,9 Kg
Charging time6-8 hours
Maximum capacity120 Kg
Battery15.6Ah, 561.6Wh, 36V
Pedal assistance0-5 Levels
loader42V 2A
TyresCST 27.5″ × 2,10″

Assembly and Package Contents

The bike it arrived in a week from the GeekBuying warehouse in Europe, perfectly packaged with protective polystyrene and partially assembled. All we have to do is fix the handlebars, the front wheel, the front mudguard and the pedals. It can all be done in half an hour even by yourself and if you have a minimum of practicality.

Il accelerator kit which transforms the bike into full-electric and is optional although very convenient, which is why I installed it. Unfortunately its use in Italy is not legal, so use it at your own risk of a fine.

As always, I advise you to check the tightness of all the screws because even if it is checked by the factory in China, during the journey with vibrations, it is not uncommon to find how many screws are loose.

This is the contents of the package:

  • Complete electric bike
  • Charger (100-240V 2,2A input, 42V 2A output)
  • User Manual
  • Accelerator kit
  • Assembly tool kit
  • Front reflectors


Turoll J1 ST

The Turoll J1 ST is a bicycle with a classic design, distinctly for walking:

  • 45 cm standover which allows even those with poor mobility to get on the saddle easily.
  • Arched handlebar that guarantees a secure but comfortable grip
  • Rear rack to carry any small thing or mount a bag.

The matte black color, the only one available, gives it an elegant touch. The battery, even if it can be removed, is integrated into the frame and contributes to creating tapered lines. In general it is more beautiful in person than it looks in the photo.

The dimensions of this version are generous (181x68x113 cm), the weight of 26.9 kg is average and guarantees excellent driveability even without the use of assistance. The saddle is adjustable, suitable for heights between 155-195 cm.

Excellent welds and robustness in general which allow it to be tolerated loads up to 120kg which is a feature that

Sul handlebars we find on the left the on-board computer with 1,8″ display which shows all the total and partial information about our route. It uses very large numbers and is sufficiently visible even under sunlight, it is also IPX4 certified for use in the rain. The buttons for changing the assistance mode and one for turning the bike on/off, turning on the front LED, changing the data displayed on the display are integrated into the computer and easily reachable with the left thumb.

On the right side we also find the lever for the 7-speed Shimano gearbox, entry-level but precise and reliable. It is possible to install the accelerator kit supplied which allows you to use the "full electric" mode, which is not permitted by our highway code.

Performance and autonomy

La Turoll J1 ST mounts a engine from 250W supported by a 561.6Wh battery that reaches the remarkable thrust of 45Nm enough to climb 15° slopes quite easily in assisted mode. I was pleasantly surprised by the push, considering the small engine which falls within the legal limits, but which provides prompt and effective help after the first pedal stroke.

In my tests I also faced much more demanding climbs than expected and the assistance always gave discreet support without ever going into protection.

We have 5 levels of assistance available which interrupt assistance when reaching speed: Level 1 at 12km/h; level 2 at 15km/h; level 3 at 18km/h; level 4 at 21km/h; level 5 at 25km/h (or 32km/h if you unlock it with the instructions in the manual).

Turoll J1 ST

The thrust is also managed well and offers progression but as in all e-bikes like this one with a speed sensor, we have a small initial void which can be problematic when starting uphill but which is easily compensated for with the manual accelerator if you decide to mount it.

Overall theWhole electric assist system works very well and it provided me with the necessary help to ease the effort of pedaling even uphill over 15 ° it is still necessary.

La 15.6Ah battery charging in 6/8 hours and "should" guarantee a range of 100km with a 75kg driver at 15km/h. In my tests which were not at all thrifty so with maximum assistance and often challenging climbs, I managed to cover them at least 60 km on one charge.

👉 Check out ours video review

Comfort and safety

La Turoll J1 ST it is a walking bicycle that is best appreciated on asphalt roads but is also suitable for off-road thanks to the 27.5″ CST tires which are medium knobby. But above all thanks to hydraulically suspended fork with an excursion of 8 cm, which can also be blocked for those who prefer a more rigid setup. So driving is comfortable on rough terrain but also on roads with potholes.

Il braking system it is of the mechanical disc type, both on the front and rear, with 16 cm discs which generate decisive braking but which requires a certain effort on the lever, I believe, due to the adoption of ceramic pads which I recommend replacing at first change. Even downhill or at high speed, the bike stops in a reasonable distance.

Speaking of security it is right to mention the the integrated LED light on the front, powerful and adjustable. Also on the rear we find a position light powered by the battery which also acts as a braking warning light. There is no shortage of reflectors placed on the spokes of the wheels which increase passive visibility.

Turoll J1 ST – Conclusions and Price

La Turoll J1 ST it is an electric walking bicycle with a very low stand over which makes it suitable for all ages and conditions. This is certainly its greatest advantage!

The technical equipment is very respectable even considering the price. Suspension forks and disc brakes make it comfortable and safe in every situation. The engine is always responsive even on challenging climbs and the range does not disappoint.

The value for money is excellent and I consider it a bicycle suitable for the general public who want to equip themselves with an ecological, economical and functional vehicle. The price on offer right now is only €799 su GeekBuying (with discount code XIAOJ1ST), €854 on Amazon (with discount code XIAOJ127) and it's worth it all so take advantage of it!

Turoll J1 ST

854€ 949
Show the coupon
Turoll J1 ST 27.5
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
799€ 849€
⚠️ If the coupon has expired, look for the updated one on ours Telegram Channel
8.2 Total score
Turoll J1 ST

A fantastic electric walking bike with excellent autonomy but above all a very low stand over which makes it a vehicle suitable for everyone of all ages.

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