Tradition and modernity: what lies behind the presentation of Mi Mix 3

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Xiaomi in recent years it has always been the protagonist when it comes to new flagships. This month has amazed all users with the presentation of the new high-end Mi Mix 3 in the evocative setting of the "Forbidden City": between the tradition of culture Chinese rich in symbols, the modernity of the device he did not struggle to stand out. It is just this coexistence between cultural tradition and technological modernity that interests us here. How many have wondered why the presentation in that place?

In ancient times this city was the residence of the Emperor of the Middle Country and was considered a sort of reproduction on earth of the place that housed the god of Heaven. The people therefore thought that the imperial palace built at the center of the CForbidden it was a place so sacred that it was forbidden to ordinary people. It is no coincidence that Xiaomi has chosen this location: in contrast to the ancient prohibition of entry into the imperial palace, the company has adopted the principle of "technology for all" and has entered the Chinese and then global market with arrogance.

Moreover, it is no coincidence that the new top of the range has been presented with the representation of the 獬 豸 (Xiezhi), Chinese legendary figure with more than 5000 years. Xièzhì represents honesty, truthfulness, value and vigor, all features that if we want we can recognize how founding for our beloved brand. It therefore represents very close values ​​for the Chinese, values ​​that have been rooted in their culture for millennia. In the legends usually this animal is presented with the head of a dragon the horn of a deer, the back of a tiger, the tail of an ox and the hoof of a horse.

I mix 3 special edition forbidden palace

With the big bright and angry eyes that fix people, this legendary animal manages to distinguish good from evil and when it sees the iniquity or bad behavior committed by officials or ministers, it breaks them down with the horn and eats them. This emphasis on justice and if we want in a sense on rewarding the good and punishing the bad, seems to be what he described in the interview that we have translated Thu.

Second Lei Jun the quick development of science and technology has neglected the ancient civilization of China. This special edition dedicated to "Forbidden City"He showed us a company very attached to its culture and tells us clearly that the users have an increasingly intimate relationship with their smartphones, relationship that the Chinese have with their tradition. In the era when the mobile phone industry has become fiercely competitive, the most important thing is to increase the value added of the products and culture in my opinion is the highest added value.

To this we must add that Xiaomi has not entered the "lives" of users only with smartphones, but is creating whole economic ecosystems that I can live with man, in spite of that prohibition that from the 1420 (year in which the construction of the grand palace was completed) prevented the population from entering the city.

What do you think of this parallel tradition-innovation? Did you play an important role in launching the new flagship? Let us know in the comments!

Gianluca Cobucci

Gianluca Cobucci

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